0001    18 Jun 2017  11:28:56: Posted by PAUL SPRINGETT from VICE CHAIR,  
Hino Training Sunday 18/06/17
All birds released at Port Wakefield due to this mornings fog, the
Hino did not go to Snowtown.
Release time was 12 noon.

0002    16 Jun 2017  18:20:24: Posted by TONY PERKINS from GENERAL SECRETARY,  
Dons Ford truck training for Sunday has been cancelled. He will be
down on Monday night for Tuesday training. Sorry for the

0003    16 Jun 2017  09:28:12: Posted by TONY PERKINS from GENERAL SECRETARY,  
There will be a working bee at the SAHPA on Sunday 25th June starting
at 10am. Please come and help clean up the Association before the
season starts on the 1st of July.

0004    15 Jun 2017  14:43:04: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
The Committee of Management met on Wednesday 14th June and have
revised the Race Program to include 2 extra SE races and one less
North race from Coober Pedy, in total there is now 12 North Races and
9 South East races. Please check Points/Programs tab on Home Page
to find the revised 2017 Race Program. We have also published the
Tossing programs for both the Ford F100 and Hino Duttro. Please note
4x South East Tosses have been scheduled on the Hino, we hope all the
members that requested the SE tossing will support this, the
committee will review the viability after the first 2 tosses.

The Committee also agreed that the official 3 years of South East
racing which was agreed at the Special General Meeting last year will
start from 2018 and this year is not included as one of the 3 years
as the season has been compromised by the Rotavirus.

If you can not see the 2017 Race program or Training programs on the
menu under Points/Programs, it means that your browser is caching and
you may need to press F5 to refresh your browser or if that does not
work then go into settings and clear browsing data.

0005    13 Jun 2017  22:49:22: Posted by TONY PERKINS from GENERAL SECRETARY,  
If you are planning to toss birds this Saturday Russell Somerville
has informed me that Port Pirie, Pt Augusta and possibly Whyalla are
racing from Two Wells and Bowmans releasing both on Saturday morning
the 17th June.

0006    11 Jun 2017  10:46:50: Posted by PAUL SPRINGETT from VICE CHAIR,  
Sunday 11th June
Hino unit
PW 10.45
ST 11.30

0007    31 May 2017  17:38:05: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Training - Ford F100 Don and Hino Ray are operational normal pick up
points and times on Sunday, next Monday night and Tuesday night pick
ups for Ford F100 Don. Next week the Hino Ray is training on
Wednesday not Tuesday, normal pick up points and times. Training
Program will be released soon, anyone interested in running 6 to 8
East Tosses, please contact Secretary, SALDC Ute and Trailer may be
available for this service.

0008    25 May 2017  14:51:08: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
At the Special General Meeting held on Wednesday 24th May, 2017 the
members sat through an Overhead projector presentation summarizing
all the points to be considered about whether to conduct a race
program in 2017. Information about Rotavirus outbreaks, low
mortality rates, status of vaccine trials, information from both Dr.
Colin Walker and Dr. Rob Marshall was presented. Concerns from
RSPCA, ANRPB, SA Canary and Pigeon Society was discussed. A letter
from Keith Homing Pigeon club was also reviewed. An outline of what
interstate clubs are doing was discussed, members debated the For and
Against arguments. The SAHPA Committee explained that they will
serve the members based on what they decide. A voting slip was then
filled in by the members present, 72 For, 25 Against.

Therefore the SAHPA will proceed with the race program starting as at
1st July, 2017. The Race Program will be updated on to this website
tomorrow. The Training Units will both start running this Sunday
28th May at normal pick up points and time, the Training Program(s)
will be on the website by next week.

0009    17 May 2017  18:59:44: Posted by TONY PERKINS from GENERAL SECRETARY,  
May 10th Minutes now posted, thanks to the co-operation from Club
Secretaries, our mail out of Minutes has only cost us $5 this month.

0010    14 May 2017  19:27:19: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Special General Meeting Wednesday 24th May,2017 at 7pm. Committee
will present the For and Against arguments for Racing the 2017
season. We will provide the latest information on the RotaVirus plus
results of PCR tests done on Adelaide lofts that had the outbreak.
The COM has prepared a race program for 2017 starting on July 1st
should the members vote to Race. We will also have both Training
Units ready to start on Sunday 28th May if required. The SAHPA
Committee will serve the members, which ever way they vote, we DO
want members to be fully informed with all the issues when they make
this important decision.

There has been conjecture on whether we can allow proxy votes or
postal votes, unfortunately our constitution only allows for
financial members being present at the meeting to vote. We will have
voting slips handed out, as members arrive and get their name checked
off, so please arrive before 7pm.