0001    23 Apr 2017  18:41:21: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Special General Meeting to be held on Wednesday 24th May, 2017 at 7pm
SAHPA Hall 10 Baulderstone Rd, Gepps Cross.

Financial Members to vote on whether to conduct racing for the 2017
season. Before the vote, members will be updated on the latest
information on the Rotavirus, including how many lofts have reported
the virus, results of SAHPA arranged PCR testing of at least 5 lofts
after 10 weeks from the original virus outbreak and whether they are
still carriers, report on Vaccine trials and estimate of when it may
be available.

COM are meeting on 10th May to draft a modified programme in
preparation if members vote to proceed with racing at SGM.

At this time 76 lofts have reported being infected by Rotavirus, most
have lost around 5% but a couple have lost over 25%. It has been 7
days since the last loft reported the virus.

Management of the SA Canary and Pigeon Society had a phone conference
with SAHPA COM and they expressed their wish that we do not proceed
racing to avoid increasing the probability of further spread of the
virus until a vaccine is available. They also explained that they
suspect that some of the Show Breeds are more susceptible to the
virus, one loft in the Northern suburbs lost 75% of their birds to
the virus.

Once again we must re-iterate it is the responsibility of every
pigeon fancier to follow adequate bio-security measures to minimise
the possibility of contracting the virus.
We knowthat the virus is in the Feral pigeon population and fanciers
must take action to not have their loft exposed to birds that may
carry the virus. Either change your shoes or have Foot baths with
VirkonS, change your clothes when you go into your loft, etc

The SAHPA General Secretary Tony Perkins has sent Notification of
this Special General Meeting to each Club Secretary, we are relying
each club secretary to contact each of their club members and advise
them of the meeting. Tony will also contact each club secretary 7
days later to find out the following information which we
wish to collate about each member :
1) Has their loft had the Rotavirus ?
2) Do they intend to race should the members vote to do so ?
3) If we can organise Dr. Colin Walker to present to our members at
the SAHPA Hall a week or two before Special General meeting, would
they attend ?

The SAHPA COM have committed that if we have at least 60 members
willing to attend we will approach Dr. Colin Walker and see if he
could give a presentation on Rotavirus vaccine trials and results of
his clinic's testing, as to how long after birds are infected are
they still carriers.

0002    11 Apr 2017  14:56:11: Posted by TIM FAWCETT from SAHPA COMMITTEE OF MANAGEMENT,  
Rota Virus Update-As of today Tuesday 11th April we have now received
notification from 70 SAHPA members that they have had symptoms,
deaths and/or diagnostic confirmation of Rotavirus. The cases spread
right across the Metropolitan area, with the current cases being
notified in the Southern Suburbs of Adelaide. This number may be
greater and we encourage anyone who has not made notification or that
has birds showing symptoms of the virus to notify their SAHPA COM
Delegate or the General Secretary. Further discussions will be
taking place in relation to racing in 2017 and a special meeting for
current members later this week, we will notify everyone in due

0003    31 Mar 2017  10:38:59: Posted by TIM FAWCETT from SAHPA COMMITTEE OF MANAGEMENT,  
Virus Update-As of Thursday 30th March the SAHPA COM has received
notification from 50 current members they have symptoms and in many
cases confirmation of Rotavirus. These cases spread from Gawler to
the inner southern suburbs. This number may be more and we encourage
members to notify your COM delegate or the General Secretary if your
birds display symptoms.
I have also attached important information around future testing from
PIRSA. As PIRSA have now confirmed with at least 15 positive cases
that Rotavirus is active in Adelaide, there will be a significant
charge by them from testing from here onwards. Please see email from
Dr Celia Dickason below:
From: Dickason, Celia (PIRSA) <Celia.Dickason@sa.gov.au>
Date: Thu, Mar 30, 2017 at 3:13 PM
Subject: PIGEON ROTAVIRUS outbreak in Adelaide – PIRSA UPDATE on

Dear pigeon industry contact

PIGEON ROTAVIRUS outbreak in Adelaide – UPDATE on testing
As you may know, the outbreak of pigeon rotavirus has extended to
Adelaide, and has been detected in numerous suburbs in both racing
and fancy pigeons. The virus is now present in all states and
considered to be established in Australia.

Because the cause of the outbreak is now well known to be the
rotavirus, the national laboratories will start charging for
rotavirus testing. Therefore, PIRSA will no longer be offering
Rotavirus testing free of charge. The initial test cost for each case
is $350, with each sample thereafter costing $50.

However, funding may still be available to investigate occurrences of
unusual or unexplained deaths in your birds. If you have sick or
dying birds, or you see sick or dying wild birds, please consult your
veterinary practitioner who may approach us to assist with funding
for disease investigation.

PIRSA’s advice remains to continue to implement heightened
biosecurity in lofts at all times, and not to come into contact with
other people’s birds. Mixing of birds is high risk for spread of
disease so pigeon owners and pigeon clubs/associations should
consider the risk and seek advice from their veterinarian before
deciding on going ahead with racing or show events.

There is a lot of activity at the national level looking into the
possibility of a future vaccine but this is likely still some way
off. The most up to date information is available on the Australian
National Pigeon Association website (http://www.anpa.com.au/) and the
Melbourne Bird Vet website

There is also a questionnaire relating to your experiences with the
rotavirus outbreak that will be sent out to you soon. This is being
coordinated by a veterinary officer in the Victorian equivalent of
PIRSA. It will hopefully give some insights into what measures could
be used by pigeon owners in the future to reduce the risk of

If you have any questions, feel free to call me on the below contact
details, or Emma Rooke (emma.rooke@sa.gov.au - 8207 7942).

Please note that pigeon paramyxovirus is still circulating, so all
pigeon owners should continue to maintain vaccination for known
diseases, and practice good hygiene and animal husbandry practices.
Warm regards


Celia Dickason | Senior Veterinary Officer

Biosecurity SA | Primary Industries and Regions SA - PIRSA

0004    26 Mar 2017  14:55:26: Posted by TONY PERKINS from GENERAL SECRETARY,  
All 4 videos ready to be viewed.

0005    25 Mar 2017  17:38:44: Posted by TONY PERKINS from GENERAL SECRETARY,  
AGM 2017 Video is complete. Having trouble loading all 4 videos. Will
rectify asap.

0006    21 Mar 2017  13:06:55: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Virus Update - As of Monday 20th March we had 25 lofts in
metropolitan Adelaide reporting symptoms of the RotaVirus, the
results of the first 5 lofts tested are all positive to Rota Virus.
The mortality rates being reported vary from 5% to 15%, mostly less
than 10%. Some of the lofts being reported have not had their birds
out for 3 weeks but still caught the virus. there are Lofts as far
north as Gawler (30km North of Adelaide), Northern Suburbs and now
Western suburb lofts. Although 25 lofts have reported it, we suspect
their could be as many as 40 lofts affected. We do ask that members
report it to their zone committee representative so we can track the
virus and decide whether further testing is to be arranged through
PIRSA. We thank PIRSA, Dr Anne Fowler and the AGRIBIO Labs. The
lower mortality rates being experienced in Adelaide could be that the
virus is weakening or the fact that breeding season has finished, so
the older birds are under less stress and only have the stress of the
moult, it could also be the dryer and warmer climate, it could be
that members are better informed on treatments and starting them
immediately on seeing the first sick bird.

The common symptoms are birds healthy night before, next day many
birds vomiting and lots of regurgitated grains on the floor and green
diarrhea. Please review Vet recommendations, but most people are
reporting best results by adding electrolytes to water, feed smaller
seeds that apparently are holding down better, birds start recovering
after a few days and by day 7 the birds are showing signs of much
better health and resume moulting. Using a crop needle or eye
dropper to administer water and electrolytes to sick birds (30ml)
twice a day could save a very sick bird that is not drinking. Look
for birds that blink slowly as that is good sign of dehydration.

The SAHPA COM minutes will show that members are to keep their birds
locked up for a minimum of 4 weeks after the last mortality in their
loft to
reduce the risk of contaminating another loft.

We believe the feral pigeons and doves are carrying the disease, so
lofts with open flights are more vulnerable than a loft which is well
covered in.

0007    21 Mar 2017  12:43:31: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
SAHPA AGM was held last night Monday 20th March, 2017. Thank you to
all those members that attended, obviously there is a lot of concern
around about the Virus outbreak. We thank John Cocks who has served
for many years on the management committee and did not seek
re-election. Also thank you to Graham Goodrich who filled in the
vacated Western zone committee position for the last 6 months. We
welcome on to the committee Dave Thalbourne (Life member and ex
Chairperson) who will be representing the Eastern and Hills zone and
Peter Burke from the Western Zone.

At the AGM the Committee stated they would consider the points of
view that were expressed at the meeting. In particular aim to start
the season first week of July. Now consider racing South east and/or
North East to the border as well as the Northern race points. The
costs will be reviewed and if after a few weeks the numbers being
raced were higher than expected the price would be dropped and the
committee may still consider prepaid system.

After the AGM the COM passed a motion that if members chose to pay
their $220 full membership after the 31st March deadline, they will
need to pay an extra $55 late fee if paid before 30th April, at our
next meeting we will decide what to further increase late fees for
May and June. We encourage all members to get behind their
Association and pay up their membership by the 31st March.

A special general meeting will be held 2 weeks before a revised
Training Schedule starts, the meeting will likely be mid May, so
financial members can make a final decision on Racing. The committee
is committed to racing this year.

0008    17 Mar 2017  16:07:20: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Virus Update - We have received confirmation that all the results (3)
that have been received so far have been Rotavirus (1 loft in
Clearview and 2 lofts in Para Hills) both northern suburbs of
Adelaide, we will advise as other results come through from the Vet.
Mortality rates of around 10%, some lofts as low as 5%.

0009    15 Mar 2017  19:49:49: Posted by TIM FAWCETT from SAHPA COMMITTEE OF MANAGEMENT,  
Virus Update-SAHPA. To date we have had 9 reports of sickness in
birds since 9/3/17. Symptoms are vomiting of undigested food,
followed by Diarrhoea and some deaths in birds. The real positive to
date has been the relatively low mortality rates in most of the lofts
being under 10%. The affected lofts are x1 Sefton Park, x1
Clearview, x3 Para Hills, x1 Greenacres, x1 Prospect, x2 Broadview.
Of the 9 affected lofts, at least 7 have presented birds for testing
to Dr Anne Fowler. We highly commend these fanciers for informing the
COM so promptly and to take birds to Dr Fowler. The testing is being
overseen by PIRSA and samples are being sent to Agri Bio in Geelong
VIC. To date no results have been reported back to members, we will
advise the membership as soon as we hear anything and encourage any
members with birds displaying symptoms to contact their COM delegate
and to contact Dr Anne Fowler's surgery at Richmond on 8443 4838.
Again I acknowledge the fine work from affected members as it must be
a very difficult time for them and we encourage reporting as it
allows a definitive diagnosis.
The SAHPA COM are in discussions around racing for the 2017 season
and at this stage we are in the first stage planning a delay to the
season to August, however this will continue to be discussed and we
will discuss at the AGM next Monday evening. Kind Regards Tim Fawcett
on behalf of the COM.

0010    14 Mar 2017  22:22:20: Posted by TONY PERKINS from GENERAL SECRETARY,  
Due to the recent possible outbreak of the Rota Virus, which may
impact on attendance of the upcoming Association AGM. The COM have
decided to do a video to cover the Meeting. An edited version will be
placed on the SAHPA website for those who are unable or choose not to