0001    16 Apr 2021  10:44:29: Posted by DAVID WALKER from SAHPA COM,  
More Info from SAHPA COM.
1. Cardboard has been ordered for crates - date of availability will
be advised on this forum.
2. A survey is being prepared for all flyers. This is needed to
assist the SAHPA COM decision on the 2021 toss program. It is very
important the COM gets this feedback by Friday 23 April 2021. Your
cooperation is appreciated.
3. Flyers are advised that should state borders (between SA and
NSW/VIC) be closed in 2021, changes to the race program will occur.
Advice will be provided during the week of racing.
4. The two 5BS races are to be held on the same day as the YBC/SAD
races. Release will be 30/40 mins apart from the main race.
5. Semaphore Fodder has been awarded the grain supply contract for
SAHPA racing during 2021. Flyers are urged to support Semaphore
6. The SAHPA COM still requires a General Secretary, a Hall cleaner,
and Dock Manager and assistant.

0002    16 Apr 2021  10:34:02: Posted by DAVID WALKER from ADALAIDE,  
Information for flyers from SAHPA COM.
1. Allocation of crates to clubs will be decided on May 9th 2021
following advice of race bird numbers for registration.Clubs will be
advised on this forum on 10th MAy 2021.
2. SA Gov (Covid) requirements remain in place for the 2021 race
season as per 2020. Additional people are now allowed at any time. QR
registration on entering the premises.
3. The SAHPA advises that vaccination is not compulsary in 2021.
However, the SAHPA COM strongly recommends all flyers vaccin ate for
PPox, PMV and RotaV. It is in everybodies interests this is done, and
particularly for the health and welbeing of our race birds.
4. A CO2 monitor has been purchased and will be fitted, trialled and
used in various locations on the transporter and trailer during 2021.

0003    31 Mar 2021  18:52:50: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SALDC SECRETARY,  
Sires Produce Nominations - We have decided to extend the nominations
one more week, so flyers can use the Easter weekend to select their
birds and send off the nomination and transfer the monies by close of
business Friday 9th April. At the time of writing this post we have
nominations of $18,120.
Race from The Twins 620km North or Adelaide, scheduled for Sunday
22nd August. Nominate up to 8 birds at $50 each, your get one free
if you nominate 8, so only $350. Form can be found under the SIRES
PROD page.

0004    25 Mar 2021  14:51:25: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SALDC SECRETARY,  
Sires Produce Prepayment due by end of March 2021.
This years race is The Twins 620km North of Adelaide.
Race is planned 3 weeks after Glendambo YBC, will be on a Sunday 22nd
August. Flyers can nominate up to 8 birds for $50 each, if you
nominate 8, you get one free, that is 8 for $350. Please see
nomination forms on this website under SIRES PROD button.
I will be available after the SAHPA AGM on Friday 26th March to
collect monies and forms.

0005    22 Mar 2021  21:30:34: Posted by JOHN HARPER from GENERAL SECRETARY,  
Successful working bee on Sunday. On behalf of the Committee I would
like to express my thanks to the 20 or so SAHPA members who donated
their time and effort to the 'Big Clean Up' on Sunday. A large volume
of material was removed from Don's shed & under the loading dock, not
to mention an accumulation of unused & unwanted items in the hall.
Unfortunately it is always left to a few member's who support our
Association to do the work so that the rest of the members can enjoy
the benefits of their efforts. A big thanks to Tony Perkins &
especially our new Treasurer Tom Tirrell who's efforts went well
above & beyond the call of duty.
Thanks again to all who contributed.

0006    22 Mar 2021  11:13:19: Posted by TONY PERKINS from CHAIRPERSON,  
After 9 years in the system i will tender my resignation from all
positions at the start of the AGM on Friday. Having done Assistant
Secretary, Secretary, Chairperson, Unit Cleaner, Hall cleaner,
Transport driver, Convoyer, Loading dock Clerk and Release Officer,
its time to take a break. Thankyou to all that have helped me along
the way.

0007    17 Mar 2021  21:11:50: Posted by TONY PERKNS from CHAIRPERSON,  
Vacancy for Don's FORD Tossing unit. Unfortunately we have been
advised by Don that he is unable to continue as the driver of the
Northern area tossing unit. Don has done a terrific job for many
years. We thank Don for his efforts over this period. If anyone is
interested could they please contact the Secretary for further

0008    14 Mar 2021  12:24:20: Posted by TONY PERKINS from CHAIRPERSON,  
With great sadness i pass on the news of the passing of a good friend
John O'Donnell. Aged 80 has lost his battle with cancer last
Wednesday back in Ireland, Condolences to his family and friends. We
will miss you John.

0009    10 Mar 2021  10:54:50: Posted by JOHN HARPER from GENERAL SECRETARY,  
Volunteers required for a general clean up & working bee at the SAHPA
Hall on Sunday 21st March @ 10:00am. All Clubs that use the main
Assoc hall as headquarters are required to move their crates into
Don's shed and tidy their workstations so we have enough room for our
members to attend the AGM.

0010    04 Mar 2021  13:05:01: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS AND TOM TIRRELL from SAHPA TREASURER,  
SAHPA Annual General Meeting is being held on Friday 26th March 2021
starting at 7pm. Please see the website under minutes, minutes 2021,
the Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss Statement for 2020 is now
available. The SAHPA has once again done very well, by deregistering
from GST we were able to reduce some of the costs to our members as
we no longer had to pass on 1/11th to the Australian Tax Office. Our
prepaid nominations were also reduced from $3.90 per bird to $3.30.
The surplus for 2020 is $6,546. The financial statements are now with
our Auditors, so the statements are subject to their signoff which
will be tabled at the AGM.

The SAHPA Management committee have also made provision for 2021 to
provide every flyer $100 off their Pre-Paid nomination. Another
committee initiative was to make provision to pay each clubs public
liability insurance due in June 2021, that represents a saving of
around $120 per club.

Once again thank you to the Top 30 flyers that did contribute a bird
to our auction which raised $5449 for the Association, a big thank
you to Tim Fawcett for providing his pigeonsales.com.au website for
no charge. The storage of containers in our carpark has also
contributed $8528 to our funds. We have paid back all our Club

Overall we are in good shape and we should all look forward to the
coming season.