0001    25 May 2019  08:54:41: Posted by SAHPA from RELEASE PANEL,  
Stirling North 280km 1,041b 73 Owners. Birds released @ 8:30 am,
clear sky, 2km West wind. Great release all away in 2 minutes.
Good luck today.

0002    24 May 2019  09:29:53: Posted by RELEASE FORUM from GENERAL SECRETARY,  
Tomorrows race is from Sterling North due to westerly winds. We Are
looking at an early release so the birds avoid most of the heavy
shower activity, so if weather permits an 8:30am release with arrival
before 12:00 noon.

0003    20 May 2019  18:34:56: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA TREASURER,  
Prepaid Price for 2019 is $3.90 per bird.
The General Secretary John Harper has collated the list provided by
all clubs and we had 17,497 birds in total, which if you look at the
Forecast spreadsheet on the SAHPA website, it lines up with $3.90 per
bird. This is a small increase of 5 cents a bird compared to last

Please fill out the Flyer Declaration Sheets, sign them and attach
the list of birds in numerical sequence. Recommend a copy is kept at
Club to be checked and a copy sent to SAHPA General Secretary.

Please make payment for your Team to your Club Secretary and then the
club secretary will forward to SAHPA single payment and all forms for
the club on Friday 24th May, 2019.

After your initial form is lodged this Friday and you decide over the
coming weeks to register more birds, it will be $6 per bird for the
first Late Registration form lodged, any subsequent Late
registrations will be double the Prepaid amount which is $7.80 per

0004    19 May 2019  11:45:27: Posted by TIM FAWCETT from SAHPA JUNIOR COMPETITION 2019,  
Hi Everyone
The SAHPA Junior competition for 2019 will commence on Saturday 1st
June from Carrieton. The competition is open for persons
aged 4-16 yrs. (rules/regulations are listed below)

2019 Race Programme (we are seeking sponsors to donate $100 per race)

1st June Carrieton/Stirling North (Sponsor-Group 1 Lofts)
8th June Hawker/Bookaloo (Sponsor -TBC)
22nd June Hawker/Bookaloo (Sponsor -TBC)
20th July Lyndhurst YBC (Sponsor -TBC)
3rd August The Twins Open (Sponsor TBC)

Rules & Regulations:

-25 Bird race team register (all 2018 rung birds ) which needs to be
submitted to SAHPA Junior Co-ordinator (Tim Fawcett) or the Gen
Secretary on basketing night Race 1 Friday 31st May
-5 bird limit per race, single bird presentation for clocking.

- These birds are also eligible to be flown by the senior flyer if
one is present in the SAHPA competition in the same races (it is
unfair to penalise the senior for supporting junior), but not in
addition to any SAHPA bird limits.

-Results to be listed under clubs SAHPA Juniors.

-Points score awarded from 1st to last depending on registered
numbers each flyer will score pts providing they time a bird in.

-Presentation Night at start of SAHPA Presentation evening, Junior
will receive free entry. Each race to have 3 prize vouchers for $50
1st, $30 2nd & $20 3rd, & a trophy for each winner

-One certificate to be awarded to each flyer as a diploma of
achievement at presentation night.

For any further details or queries please call Tim Fawcett on M: 0400
400 324 or email: tim.fawcett@sa.gov.au

0005    16 May 2019  12:22:42: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA TREASURER,  
Prepayment of Race Birds 2019 - On Monday 20th May the Club
Secretaries need to notify the General Secretary
sahpa.secretary@gmail.com of the number of birds to be registered for
their Club before 7pm. Please see SAHPA website where you can
download the SAHPA Prepaid Summary sheet, please fill this in for
each flyer.

All members, please note that we are asking Secretaries to record the
number nominated as at 20/5/19 and again 4 days later on 24/5/19 once
the Prepaid per Bird Fee is announced. If the number deviates by
more than 5 the flyer must give an explanation which the Secretary
will record. The SAHPA Committee may request members that have large
deviations to attend a COM meeting to discuss their reason for the
numbers changing by more than 5 birds within 4 days. It is important
that we have an accurate number of birds to do our calculation to
avoid making a loss.

We have already forecast the Racing Costs for the 2019 Season
($62,029 exGST) and we will publish this spreadsheet on the sahpa
website for members to review. In summary (all per bird prices
include GST) if we get 22000 birds the prepaid will be $3.15, 20000
birds $3.45, 18000 birds $3.80, 17000 birds $4.05, 16000 birds $4.30.
Based on ring sales being up and Rotavax being available I am hoping
for around 18000+ birds, but we will all know for certain on Monday.

All members to complete the Flyer Declaration sheet, attach copy
listing all ring numbers on prepaid list (in numerical order) on
Friday 24th May. One copy for club to check and once copy to be sent
to SAHPA for the Adjudicator to check. Payment should be made to the
club and a single payment for the whole club will be made to SAHPA.
The SAHPA will not present any cheques for 10 days to give time for
Club Secretaries to bank any monies and have cheques cleared in club
bank accounts.

We have a great season in front of us, 22 races on the SAHPA program,
10 short, 6 middle distance and 6 long distance races plus the 2
SALDC events and the 5 mid week West Line races. Most members have
vaccinated for RotaVirus and we can get back to our full strength.
We have 158 paid up members plus 22 affiliates. All the best for the
season ahead.

0006    16 May 2019  11:53:52: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SALDC SECRETARY,  
SA Long Distance Racing Pigeon Club Annual General Meeting to be held
next week on Tuesday 21st May, 2019. Meeting to start at 7:00pm
SAHPA Hall. All SAHPA members are welcome to attend, only SALDC
financial members can vote. Agenda will include plans to upgrade
SALDC Ute, Discuss Tasmanian race and how to best prepare the birds
for crossing the water.

0007    05 May 2019  17:35:19: Posted by JOHN HARPER from GENERAL SECRETARY,  
We are asking members to ensure that all rings have been transferred
into the owners name due to the increasing amount of lost birds being
reported now that tossing has started. If the lost bird has a foreign
ring that has not been transferred the Ring Secretary has no idea who
the owner is, which can be a very annoying and a time consuming
exercise trying to track down the owner.

0008    01 May 2019  16:25:24: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Training Units - The two training units start this Sunday the 5th
May. Please look under the Points/Programs tab and you will find the
2019 Ford Training program as well as the 2019 SALDC Training

In an attempt to reduce the subsidy the SAHPA is providing for
Training, we have decided to sell the Hino Dutro unit and we are
using the SALDC Holden Colorado Ute and Southern Districts club
trailer for that route. Ray Pimlott will provide this service,
please check program for pick up points and times.

Don Schwarz will once again provide the service with the Ford F100
Unit. Please check points and pick up times, there are some minor

Later in the season after the YBC, Don's Ford unit will do a pick up
for Southern Flyers from Castle Plaza and we will stop the SALDC ute
for mid week training but Ray will still provide the weekend
training. Please check program for details.

0009    01 May 2019  16:17:45: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Race Program 2019 - Please see new revision dated 30/04/2019, we have
added a Bye weekend between the Terang Open and the double header
from Benalla and Springhurst. This allow flyers to prepare birds
from the first Benalla 4 weeks earlier and the Terang birds will have
2 weeks to recover and be available for selection for the last
weekends double header. We are also making arrangements on the
double header weekend to have the Truck leave the Benalla birds on
the Geraldy Trailer friday night and be attended to and liberated at
the same time as the Springhurst birds on the Geraldy Truck on the
Saturday morning. Thus giving both races the best possible
opportunity to get home on the day if the winds are favourable. The
SA Long Distance race dates have also been updated on the program.

0010    25 Apr 2019  20:27:42: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SALDC SECRETARY,  
Marree Sires Classic 580km North of Adelaide. We are pleased to
report that the nominations for the race are up from $17,860 in 2018
to $24,920 in 2019, 130 birds auctioned, 162 birds prepaid in other
flyers loft and 294 birds prepaid in flyers own loft (total 586 birds
nominated). We will hamper at SAHPA Hall on Friday 9th August and
the birds will be released on Sunday 11th August. We thank all the
participants. Prizemoney splits will be published later in the
season, 60% to Flyer and 40% to Breeder/Nominator.