0001    12 Jun 2021  10:18:10: Posted by TIM FAWCETT from SAHPA RELEASE PANEL,  
Stirling North 12/6/21 121 Owners 3044 birds, Affiliates 5 owners 46
birds. Birds were released at 10am, all birds left the racepoint in
a home ward direction within 1 minute an excellent get away.
Conditions were broken cloud with a very light N wind. Estimated
time of 2 3/4 hrs to 3 hrs. Good luck everyone. Also noting we have
22 Registered Junior members for 2021, which is 5 more than 2020.
Kind Regards Tim Fawcett

0002    10 Jun 2021  12:20:06: Posted by DAVID WALKER from SAHPA COM,  
The SAHPA unit cleaner has noticed mould on cardboard following races
and prior to removing crates from the unit.
Clubs are reminded to clean their crates prior to use, and disinfect
with anti viral and anti mould sprays or wipes.
Thanks and regards

0003    09 Jun 2021  17:34:02: Posted by TIM FAWCETT from SAHPA RELEASE PANEL AND JUNIORS 2021,  
Hi Everyone
Following discussions with the release panel we are planning to go to
Stirling North Saturday 12 June with estimated release time of 1000,
also a reminder that this is the first race of 2021 season for SAHPA
juniors so Junior entry lists need submitting to
Kind regards Tim Fawcett

0004    06 Jun 2021  11:37:11: Posted by DAVID WALKER from SAHPA COM,  
Phone number for Alan Agar is 0402 567 800

0005    06 Jun 2021  11:28:23: Posted by DAVID WALKER from SAHPA COM,  
To get an SDC result, the SD box in POOLS must be ticked when
entering your race times.
If more than 30 birds entered, the first 30 birds on the
nomination/basketing lists are assumed nominated unless the flyer
marks his SDC nomination/basketing list for up to 30 birds.
Flyers entering more than 30 birds are to email or text a snapshot of
their nomination/basketing lists confirming the nomination. If no
snapshot is received, the bird will not get an SDC result.
Email and text snapshots to A Agar at agar.alan@gmail.com or 0140 256
Thanks and Regards

0006    05 Jun 2021  17:02:43: Posted by DAVID WALKER from SAHPA COM,  
Members be advised that the co-ordinates advised by Tim Fawcett (from
our conyoyer) are in degreees and minutes only.
They needed to be changes to degrees minutes and seconds.
Thus 32Degrees 58.554Minutes becomes 32Degrees 58Minutes 33Seconds
and 138Degrees 53.162Minutes becomes 138Degrees 53Minutes 10Seconds

0007    05 Jun 2021  15:05:25: Posted by DAVID WALKER from SAHPA COM,  
there will be no unit tossing on Tuesday 8th June due to expected 16
mm rain forecast.

June 13th and onwards - the Ford F350 Truck will only go North to
Port Wakefield to Port Broughton or Redhill at members' requests.

Only the Mazda BT50 will go North East, Nick will continue his
southern run times and last pick up will be at SAHPA Hall at 8:50 am
. Also note the Mazda BT50 will still do North tosses as per tossing
schedule .

Please contact Nick 0421872616 or Joe Jackson 0422750582 regarding

0008    05 Jun 2021  12:15:09: Posted by TIM FAWCETT from SAHPA RELEASE PANEL,  
Updated Co-ordinates for Peterborough are
Lat -32 58.554 S
Long 138 53.162 E

0009    05 Jun 2021  11:08:42: Posted by DAVID WALKER from SAHPA COM,  
Alan Agar is taking details for UPCOMING EVENTS to add to the SAHPA
Please advise Alan of details such as Club Squeaker sale dates, or
anything of likely interest for the SAHPA membership and country
Email Alan Agar at agar.alan@gmail.com

0010    05 Jun 2021  10:58:16: Posted by TIM FAWCETT from SAHPA RELEASE PANEL,  
Peterborough 5/6/21 99 owners 1889 birds affiliated 4 owners 37 birds
APC 410 birds
Birds released at 1030 am all left in one batch in Se direction in 3
mins, conditions were high broken cloud and a 15-20 km W wind
expected flying time of 2.5 hrs, good luck to everyone