0001    24 Mar 2020  21:31:00: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Coronavirus Update - The SAHPA Committee of Management has met via a
zoom and phone hookup and resolved to postpone by 4 weeks, that is
the start of training to 24th May, with racing to possibly commence
on 20th June. We continue to be hopeful of a racing season during
This will continue to be reviewed based on Government advice and the
members advised. Thank you for your patience. Please keep in contact
with your club members and if you are able to assist each other that
would be great.'

We plan to review this plan again on 14th April and will keep members
up to date.

At this point of time the committee has discussed reverting to a pay
as you go racing rather than a prepaid scheme.

Sports SA has granted approval of all clubs to delay their Annual
General Meetings for at least a further 3 months and that will be
reviewed. '

Councils have also declared that we must not attend our club rooms
based on Prime Minister announcements for stage 1.

0002    23 Mar 2020  16:51:46: Posted by JOHN HARPER from GENERAL SECRETARY,  
Any Clubs wishing to pick up their Year Books can do so on Tuesday
mornings from 10:30 am - 12:00 at the Assoc hall or alternatively
make arrangements with the Secretary by phone.

0003    18 Mar 2020  17:37:14: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SALDC SECRETARY,  
SALDC Sires Produce - The closing date for Prepaid Entries has been
changed from 27th March to now be 2 days after the SAHPA AGM which is
scheduled for 1st May, so closing date is now 3rd May. Copies of the
entry forms were given to Club Secretaries to hand out to their
members, plus you can print them off this website under the Sires
Produce Tab. Nomination Fee of $50 per bird up to 8 birds, nominate
8 and get one free $350 in total.

0004    17 Mar 2020  15:17:18: Posted by JOHN HARPER from GENERAL SECRETARY,  
To all Members
Due to the uncertain conditions surrounding the Corona virus the
Management Committee have prudently delayed the AGM until 1st May
2020. Our member's health being the #1 priority at present. We still
believe that the the racing season will go ahead and anticipate that
Tossing units will commence from Sunday 26th April. Reminder that
Capitation fees are still due by the end of this Month with quite a
few clubs already paid up.

0005    06 Mar 2020  18:57:48: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
SAHPA Annual General Meeting - Friday 27th March, 2020 starting at
7:30, please sign in from 7:00pm.
The General Secretary has emailed all Club Secretaries copies of the
Financial statements and any rule changes. Members can review
financial statements by clicking on the "Minutes" button on the sahpa
website, then click on 2020 and you can view the Profit and Loss
Statement, Balance Sheet, Treaurer's report, Auditors Report and
Chairperson's report. The SAHPA has reported a surplus of $7,061.

All Clubs should have a meeting before the SAHPA AGM so that Club
Secretaries and Chairpersons which attended a meeting last Monday
with the SAHPA Management Committee can explain the proposed rule
changes and review the 3 options for prepaying birds for the 2020

The 3 options are : 1) Race Team Register - current system where
members pay a fee for every bird on their Race Team register. 2)
Race Starts - where members buy race starts, so for example if you
fly on average 20 birds in 20 races a season, you would buy 400 race
starts, no need for a team register. 3) Race Teams - where
members can prepay for a 1 to 10 bird team, 11 to 20 bird team or a
21 to 30 bird team. No need for a team register but you can only
race the number of birds based on team size. For example a 20 bird
team flyer can not enter more than 20 birds, a 10 bird team flyer can
not enter more than 10 birds. A 30 bird team flyer can nominate more
than 30 birds in our short distance program but they pay extra for
any birds over 30.

Club Secretaries will survey members about their likely numbers for
each option and return it to the Treasurer a week before the AGM so I
can prepare more accurate estimates of what it would cost for each
option and present it at the AGM to assist members to understand what
option is most attractive to them. Based on guestimates, option 1
Team Register of all your birds $3.60/bird, option 2 Race Starts
$2.25 per race start, option 3 Team of 10 $183, Team of 20 $418, Team
of 30 $705.

0006    06 Mar 2020  15:25:49: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Race Speed Estimator - The Management Committee have added a new sub
rule in our Code of Practice, to be voted on by the members at the
AGM 27th March, 2020. We had a notice of motion from the Metro club
to avoid releasing birds in strong head and tail winds, the committee
was already working on something similar to improve race returns.
We already have in our code of practice, rules about Heat, Rain and
Fog. The proposed amendment is as follows :

7.4.3 Releasing Birds in Winds
The Race Release Panel will use the SAHPA Race Speed Estimator
spreadsheet, by entering wind direction and wind speed estimates from
the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM). A calculation of the estimated
average speed of the pigeons at various points en route will be
derived, which then calculates the estimated average velocity of the
pigeons for the entire race. If the average velocity for the entire
race is estimated below 900 metres/min (54km/hr) or above 2000
metres/min (120km/hr) the race should be held over or rescheduled to
another day.

The SAHPA Management Committee recommendation is for the members to
adopt this new rule as it will give the Release Panel guidelines
which we believe will help avoid race loses. The Release Panel
already review the weather and wind directions and velocities when
making their decisions. The spreadsheet (example shown on our
website home page) will be used for the Estimation of velocity and
will be used in parallel and we hope to revise it and improve it each
year. In the example for Terang and Coober Pedy, I have used points
enroute from those race points, the real spreadsheet will be more
aligned with BOM observation towns. The spreadsheet will be
explained in more detail at the AGM. At the meeting with Club
Secretaries and chairpersons, it appeared they all understood the
explanation and will meet with their club members and explain it
before the AGM.
Our experience of races where the leading pigeons are doing under 900
metres/min tend to have poor returns and races where the average
speed is over 120 km/hr can result in birds from our North Races
either being blown off course around the back of the Adelaide Hills
if west in the wind or down the Gulf if east in the wind.
The release panel will use this as just one extra tool in making
their decisions. Over time we will build up history from these
calculations and be able to further analyse the returns based on the
wind conditions.

0007    02 Mar 2020  07:58:54: Posted by JOHN HARPER from GENERAL SECRETARY,  
Reminder to all Secretaries & Chairpersons of meeting tomorrow night
Tuesday 3rd March, 7:00pm @ SAHPA hall. Information night prior to
AGM 27th.
Agenda: Treasurers report & Club rebate, Constitution & By law
changes, Three prepaid options, Short distance championship, South
East training, Vacancy for Liberator.

0008    12 Feb 2020  11:49:42: Posted by JOHN HARPER from GENERAL SECRETARY,  
We would like to advise all owners of Benzing Electronic timing
systems that Kevin Clarke / Tom Tirrell will be organising a software
update for all clocks and Club Scanning systems in March. If Club
Secretaries can bring their member's clocks to the SAHPA Hall on 3rd
March Tom will pick them up and they will be delivered back on the
night of the AGM 27th March. Secretaries please make sure you have a
list showing Owners name and Serial number of item so there is no
confusion of who owns what. If all items are placed in a box
correctly labelled with the name of the Club and list of owners etc
inside, it will greatly assist in streamlining the update procedure.

0009    06 Feb 2020  19:03:27: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA TREASURER,  
Good news to report to members and affiliate members. The SAHPA
Management Committee reviewed the end of year financials and have
agreed to provide a rebate back to the clubs. We will issue cheques
or if your club would like the money via Bank Direct Deposit, please
send the Treasurer Sahpa.treasurer2015@gmail.com your bank account

The Website Manager will provide a link to the Treasurers report and
a summary of how much we have allocated to each club. In total we
are paying back to clubs $11,264. This has been achieved by
significant savings and initiatives by the SAHPA Management committee
which are outlined in the Treasurer's Report. The amounts allocated
to the clubs is based on the number of members last year. We have
split the rebate into 2 components. Component 1 is a Membership
rebate where we are giving back $27.50 for each full member and
$11.00 for Affiliate members, Component 2 is the Life Rings rebate.
The SAHPA Management committee recommend that clubs use component 1
to assist club members with fees for 2020 and component 2 we
encourage to be allocated towards club prize money for the coming
season. At the end of each year we hope to be in a financial
position to provide the Life Ring rebate similarly to what we did
over a decade ago.

0010    05 Feb 2020  11:25:44: Posted by JOHN HARPER from GENERAL SECRETARY,  
The COM would like to call a meeting at the SAHPA Hall with all Club
Secretaries & Chairmen for Tuesday 3rd March @7:00 pm. The Agenda
will be sent by email in the next few days. The object is to provide
information regarding important topics and proposed changes to be
voted on by members at the AGM. This will give the Clubs an
opportunity to discuss this with their members prior to the AGM.