0001    18 Jul 2018  09:44:54: Posted by JOHN HARPER from GENERAL SECRETARY,  
Midweek Westline from Wudinna 356km, 19 owners, 153b. Released @
9:30am. Conditions at racepoint clear blue sky with 21km/h WNW wind.
Excellent getaway with the birds heading straight for home. Expect 3
1/4hr fly.
Good Luck

0002    16 Jul 2018  19:00:25: Posted by JOHN HARPER from GENERAL SECRETARY,  
Notice to all Members. Please be aware both the tossing units have
been cancelled for tomorrow due to adverse weather conditions.

Basketing for the next two Edenhope races is on Thursday night. The
Verco Series Hawker race basketing is also this Thursday night. The
Gerhardy trailer will be towed behind Don's Ford so the new crates
can be used for this race.

Edenhope2 Saturday 28th will also give members the opportunity to
send birds to Keith, they will be released from Keith on the return
journey home (Saturday). There will be no charge for this free toss.

0003    16 Jul 2018  18:59:28: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from CHAIRPERSON,  
Training Units have been cancelled for Tuesday 17th July due to
weather forecast of strong WNW winds of 40+km/hr and rain.

Members please note that this weeks hampering for Edenhope 1 and
Hawker Verco race is Thursday night.

The following week Edenhope 2 is also hampered Thursday night. To
assist members we are offering a free toss from Keith on the same
unit. That is on Saturday 28th July we will release birds from
Edenhope 2 race and then truck will return to Keith and release the
training birds. Please note the Keith training toss will not count
as qualification for the Sires Produce.

0004    15 Jul 2018  11:43:29: Posted by PAUL SPRINGETT from VICE CHAIR,  
Hino release times Sunday 15th July 2018.

Port Wakefield 10.50am

Snowtown 11.45am
North/Northwest wind 20kph approx

0005    14 Jul 2018  09:36:04: Posted by JOHN HARPER from RELEASE PANEL,  
Tintinara 180km, 23 owners 322b. Conditions at race point sunny,
clear blue sky, light NE breeze. Birds released @ 9:30 am. Good
release, all away together in 3 minutes. Winds to strengthen from the
NNW along the journey home.

GPS: -35_52_54

0006    14 Jul 2018  08:35:14: Posted by JOHN HARPER from RELEASE PANEL,  
Parachilna 415km 131 owners 3,136b, plus 305 from the APC. Conditions
fine, sunny, blue sky, light North breeze 5km/h, temp 5deg.
Birds release @ 8:30am all away in one bunch in 2 minutes. Expect a
quick race as we have a strengthening North wind up to 25km/h along
the route home.

GPS: -31_07_49

0007    12 Jul 2018  13:32:01: Posted by JOHN HARPER from RELEASE PANEL,  
Saturday's North race is from Parachilna 415km with predicted sunny
conditions and a light North wind 10-15km/h changing to NNW on the
journey home with a light Northerly of 20-30km/m forecast for the
Adelaide area in the morning and then easing later in the day.
For Tintinara Verco Series 180km on Saturday the conditions are
basically the same, sunny with light Northerly wins 15-25km/h easing
in the afternoon.
Good conditions all round.

0008    11 Jul 2018  14:17:20: Posted by JOHN HARPER from GENERAL SECRETARY,  
Hi All
As you are aware we are now loading birds on Thursday night so bird
numbers for the crates are 25. If you have crates with less than 25
please attach a label with the number and sex clearly identified.
Depending on the total number of crates we may have to merge birds to
avoid using the trailer if <108 crates, otherwise if total crate
numbers are > 108 we will use the trailer and possibly be able to
spread the crates out a little. When texting or phoning bird numbers
through by 7:30pm (0448883512) please advise the number of Cocks and
Hens, how many owners and the total number of crates. Please don't
forget to fill out the loading slip which is to be shown to the
Secretary and presented to the loading Foreman.
John Harper

0009    10 Jul 2018  11:05:34: Posted by PAUL SPRINGETT from VICE CHAIR,  
Hino training release times Tuesday 10th July 2018.

Port Wakefield 10.50am 5kph NE wind

0010    09 Jul 2018  15:49:13: Posted by JOHN HARPER from GENERAL SECRETARY,  
Change to basketing night for Tintinara.
Basketing for Parachilna and Tintinara Verco series will be on
Thursday night for a Saturday race from both racepoints. The decision
was made with a view to assist members with travelling for one night,
rather than coming back down to the hall again on Friday night for
Tintinara. The Tintinara birds will be held at the SAHPA hall
overnight, where they will be fed and watered until they leave. The
LDC unit will be used to transport the birds so please use the old
style hampers.