0001    24 Jul 2019  09:20:08: Posted by JOHN HARPER from WESTLINE MIDWEEK RACING,  
Todays race from Poochera 430km, 17 owners 158b. Released @ 8:30 am
into a light NW/W breeze with 70% cloud cover. Birds cleared after 8
mins expect 5 1/2 to 6 hr fly.

0002    23 Jul 2019  12:11:03: Posted by GEOFF RAYMENT from WESTLINE SERIES,  
Westline training toss birds from The Tanks (Iron Knob turn off) were
released 11:05, 25km/hr W/NW winds, all away in 3 minutes.

0003    20 Jul 2019  08:14:30: Posted by TIM FAWCETT from SAHPA RELEASE PANEL,  
Lyndhurst YBC 124 Owners/2653 birds plus Adelaide PC and Affiliate
Birds were released at 8am, with weather clear and sunny no cloud,
all birds cleared the point and were out of sight in 3 mins. Temp was
10 degrees and a light E wind. Expecting a fast race with birds
expecting to be in the CBD around 1200. Birds were released earlier
than anticipated due to forecast strengthening to gale force winds
later afternoon with the possibility of raised dust and then late
rain. Good luck to everyone in todays race.

0004    19 Jul 2019  17:11:39: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA TREASURER,  
Lyndhurst YBC 510km North of Adelaide
124 owners/ 2653 birds plus Adelaide Pigeon Club and Affiliates.

Lyndhurst YBC 5 Bird Pool 33 flyers/ 147 birds
Pool $394,noms of $294 +$100 SAHPA Donation
1 prize per 50 birds, 3 prizes this week.
1st $197
2nd $118
3rd $79
Total $394

0005    17 Jul 2019  12:29:33: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Australian National Pigeon Show is being held in Adelaide this
weekend at the Wayville Royal Show Grounds. There will be 2350 birds
exhibited, judging is Friday morning 19th July, viewing will start
around 1pm on Friday through to Sunday 11am.
I would encourage every one to get along to the National show. It is
actually being held in the Wayville Pavilion, commonly known as the
showbag hall not in the normal poultry and pigeon hall. Suggest entry
from Goodwood road entrance, entry is a gold coin donation.

0006    13 Jul 2019  08:18:15: Posted by JOHN HARPER from SAHPA RELEASE PANEL,  
Edenhope 330km, 1,303b 90 owners. Birds released @ 8:00am, conditions
fine and clear with broken cloud and blue sky, 6 deg with a 3km/h SW
wind. Birds broke into 2 batches with first batch leaving in 4
minutes second batch 2 minutes later. Expect 5:00 hr fly.
Good luck

0007    10 Jul 2019  09:17:25: Posted by RELEASE PANEL from WESTLINE MIDWEEK RACING,  
Wudinna 360km 146b. Birds released at 8:15am with a West N/West wind
10-15kmh. All birds well away in 1 minute heading for home.
Good Luck Today

0008    09 Jul 2019  11:24:14: Posted by WEST LINE TOSS from WESTLINE MIDWEEK RACING,  
The Tank toss 245b released @ 11:00am fine and clear with a light N/E
wind, out of sight in 1 minute heading for home.

0009    06 Jul 2019  09:11:45: Posted by SAHPA from RELEASE PANEL,  
Lyndhurst Open 510km 6th July, 2,587b 124 owners (not including APC).
Birds released at 8:30am conditions fine and clear, overcast with
patches of blue sky. Wind 15kmh North East temp 10 deg, birds all
well away in 2 minutes, great release. Coordinates unchanged.
Good Luck today.

0010    05 Jul 2019  12:43:02: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA TREASURER,  
Lyndhurst Open 510km North of Adelaide, Five Bird Series Pool 222
birds. Some clubs have not provided the number of owners, can they
do so next week.

Lynhurst Open 5 Bird Series ?? flyers / 222 birds
Pool $544,nominations $444 + $100 SAHPA Donation
1 prize per 50 birds, 5 prizes this week.
1st $218
2nd $152
3rd $71
4th $54
5th $49
Total $544