0001    26 Mar 2017  14:55:26: Posted by TONY PERKINS from GENERAL SECRETARY,  
All 4 videos ready to be viewed.

0002    25 Mar 2017  17:38:44: Posted by TONY PERKINS from GENERAL SECRETARY,  
AGM 2017 Video is complete. Having trouble loading all 4 videos. Will
rectify asap.

0003    21 Mar 2017  13:06:55: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Virus Update - As of Monday 20th March we had 25 lofts in
metropolitan Adelaide reporting symptoms of the RotaVirus, the
results of the first 5 lofts tested are all positive to Rota Virus.
The mortality rates being reported vary from 5% to 15%, mostly less
than 10%. Some of the lofts being reported have not had their birds
out for 3 weeks but still caught the virus. there are Lofts as far
north as Gawler (30km North of Adelaide), Northern Suburbs and now
Western suburb lofts. Although 25 lofts have reported it, we suspect
their could be as many as 40 lofts affected. We do ask that members
report it to their zone committee representative so we can track the
virus and decide whether further testing is to be arranged through
PIRSA. We thank PIRSA, Dr Anne Fowler and the AGRIBIO Labs. The
lower mortality rates being experienced in Adelaide could be that the
virus is weakening or the fact that breeding season has finished, so
the older birds are under less stress and only have the stress of the
moult, it could also be the dryer and warmer climate, it could be
that members are better informed on treatments and starting them
immediately on seeing the first sick bird.

The common symptoms are birds healthy night before, next day many
birds vomiting and lots of regurgitated grains on the floor and green
diarrhea. Please review Vet recommendations, but most people are
reporting best results by adding electrolytes to water, feed smaller
seeds that apparently are holding down better, birds start recovering
after a few days and by day 7 the birds are showing signs of much
better health and resume moulting. Using a crop needle or eye
dropper to administer water and electrolytes to sick birds (30ml)
twice a day could save a very sick bird that is not drinking. Look
for birds that blink slowly as that is good sign of dehydration.

The SAHPA COM minutes will show that members are to keep their birds
locked up for a minimum of 4 weeks after the last mortality in their
loft to
reduce the risk of contaminating another loft.

We believe the feral pigeons and doves are carrying the disease, so
lofts with open flights are more vulnerable than a loft which is well
covered in.

0004    21 Mar 2017  12:43:31: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
SAHPA AGM was held last night Monday 20th March, 2017. Thank you to
all those members that attended, obviously there is a lot of concern
around about the Virus outbreak. We thank John Cocks who has served
for many years on the management committee and did not seek
re-election. Also thank you to Graham Goodrich who filled in the
vacated Western zone committee position for the last 6 months. We
welcome on to the committee Dave Thalbourne (Life member and ex
Chairperson) who will be representing the Eastern and Hills zone and
Peter Burke from the Western Zone.

At the AGM the Committee stated they would consider the points of
view that were expressed at the meeting. In particular aim to start
the season first week of July. Now consider racing South east and/or
North East to the border as well as the Northern race points. The
costs will be reviewed and if after a few weeks the numbers being
raced were higher than expected the price would be dropped and the
committee may still consider prepaid system.

After the AGM the COM passed a motion that if members chose to pay
their $220 full membership after the 31st March deadline, they will
need to pay an extra $55 late fee if paid before 30th April, at our
next meeting we will decide what to further increase late fees for
May and June. We encourage all members to get behind their
Association and pay up their membership by the 31st March.

A special general meeting will be held 2 weeks before a revised
Training Schedule starts, the meeting will likely be mid May, so
financial members can make a final decision on Racing. The committee
is committed to racing this year.

0005    17 Mar 2017  16:07:20: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Virus Update - We have received confirmation that all the results (3)
that have been received so far have been Rotavirus (1 loft in
Clearview and 2 lofts in Para Hills) both northern suburbs of
Adelaide, we will advise as other results come through from the Vet.
Mortality rates of around 10%, some lofts as low as 5%.

0006    15 Mar 2017  19:49:49: Posted by TIM FAWCETT from SAHPA COMMITTEE OF MANAGEMENT,  
Virus Update-SAHPA. To date we have had 9 reports of sickness in
birds since 9/3/17. Symptoms are vomiting of undigested food,
followed by Diarrhoea and some deaths in birds. The real positive to
date has been the relatively low mortality rates in most of the lofts
being under 10%. The affected lofts are x1 Sefton Park, x1
Clearview, x3 Para Hills, x1 Greenacres, x1 Prospect, x2 Broadview.
Of the 9 affected lofts, at least 7 have presented birds for testing
to Dr Anne Fowler. We highly commend these fanciers for informing the
COM so promptly and to take birds to Dr Fowler. The testing is being
overseen by PIRSA and samples are being sent to Agri Bio in Geelong
VIC. To date no results have been reported back to members, we will
advise the membership as soon as we hear anything and encourage any
members with birds displaying symptoms to contact their COM delegate
and to contact Dr Anne Fowler's surgery at Richmond on 8443 4838.
Again I acknowledge the fine work from affected members as it must be
a very difficult time for them and we encourage reporting as it
allows a definitive diagnosis.
The SAHPA COM are in discussions around racing for the 2017 season
and at this stage we are in the first stage planning a delay to the
season to August, however this will continue to be discussed and we
will discuss at the AGM next Monday evening. Kind Regards Tim Fawcett
on behalf of the COM.

0007    14 Mar 2017  22:22:20: Posted by TONY PERKINS from GENERAL SECRETARY,  
Due to the recent possible outbreak of the Rota Virus, which may
impact on attendance of the upcoming Association AGM. The COM have
decided to do a video to cover the Meeting. An edited version will be
placed on the SAHPA website for those who are unable or choose not to

0008    12 Mar 2017  16:50:00: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Virus update - A third loft at Para Hills has advised the COM that he
suspects Rotavirus, his first signs were last Wednesday and he had a
bird tested by Dr. Anne Fowler on Friday as well. He has lost 11
birds, 8 stock birds and 3 young birds. The loft that had the first
signs yesterday, has lost 1 stock cock so far, but has 40 odd young
birds looking quite sick and 2 stock hens looking poorly.

0009    11 Mar 2017  13:51:05: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
The second loft had birds to Dr Anne Fowler within 2 hours from
seeing first symptoms and before any deaths and is starting
treatments immediately, it will be interesting to track these 2 lofts
and we commend both these flyers being so responsible. The testing
is only $77 and PIRSA are working with Agribio to continue their
excellent support and subsidy of the pigeon fraternity.

0010    11 Mar 2017  08:36:47: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
We have unfortunately had two suspect cases of Rotavirus reported at
Sefton Park and Clearview over the last 24 hours. The first member
had 6 birds die, the loft is also experiencing all the symptoms, he
was very responsible and reported it to us immediately and took 2
birds for sampling to Dr. Anne Fowler who is working with PIRSA.
The second member found his birds vomiting and green diarrhea this
morning and hopes to get birds off for testing as soon as Dr. Anne
Fowler is available. We will keep everyone informed on the results of
this testing.