0001    20 Feb 2017  21:21:33: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
SAHPA Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 20th March, 2017.
Please arrive at 7:00pm to tick off the attendance record. Meeting
will start at 7:30pm at the SAHPA Hall. Attendees will be required
to use the VirkonS foot baths and we ask that you wear clothing that
has not been worn in your pigeon lofts. There is very low risk of
contamination but would appreciate you all attending to these
bio-security measures. We have no motions to change the constitution
this year. The Agenda and the Financial Statements will be posted to
all members over the coming 2 weeks.

0002    16 Feb 2017  20:09:44: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Virus Update - Only a few minutes after making the posts about
membership fees and revised programs, I was contacted by Greg Hodgins
(Fairview Park) who explained that he thinks he has had an outbreak
of the Rotavirus. We will arrange to make sure he sends off samples
to PIRSA and get confirmation of what disease he has experienced in
his loft. He indicated he thought it may have come to his loft when
a bird that raced Alice Springs returned to his loft last week. He
has lost 9 stock birds, and 45 young birds. We reiterate that
members should contact their representative on the committee as soon
as they suspect a disease and that they get a pigeon to a vet for
analysis immediately. His loft is in full lock down.

0003    16 Feb 2017  19:36:52: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
SAHPA Membership Subscriptions are due by end of March 2017. I
appeal to all members to pay their membership fee of $220 as we all
need to support the SAHPA as we are all owners of this entity and we
have to keep it viable.

The SAHPA Committee of Management have passed a minute that members
that do not pay up the $220 membership fee this year (2017) will be
charged an EXTRA $110 rejoining fee in 2018. We encourage members
to support the SAHPA and stay a member this year even if they do not
intend to race due to the Virus and not having a vaccine available at
this time.

Over recent years the fixed costs of the SAHPA has been reduced from
around $70,000 to closer to $62,000 before we run any races, the way
we get that money in to pay for the running of the SAHPA is $26,000
from ring sales and $36,000 from membership fees. If only 100 members
instead of 180 members pay their membership fee this year we will
make a $16,000 loss.

The break down of our fixed costs are :

Honoriariums - $21,000
Insurances - $10,000
Telephones - $6,000
Year Book - $3,300
Workcover - $1,500
Postage & Stationery $2,000
Waste - $2,000
Security - $1,500
Electricity - $2,600
SA Water - $1,200
Emergency Services levy - $350
Council Rates - $2,400
Audit $2,500
Interest to be paid on Debentures $1500

We may be able to save a couple thousand here and there, but not
easily. Honorariums include Secretary, Assistant Secretary,
Treasurer, Ring Secretary, Website Administrator, Cleaner, etc If
you think we can save money and wish to volunteer your time to do
some of these jobs for no honorarium or remove waste for example,
please apply.

I had indicated to the Committee that I was not going to reapply as
Chairperson but have since reconsidered this decision and will
re-apply for re-election. Thank you for supporting the SAHPA

0004    16 Feb 2017  19:14:06: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
The SAHPA Committee of Management met on 15/02/2017 and reviewed the
status of the Rotavirus outbreak in Port Augusta (300km Nth of
Adelaide) and Wellington One Loft (80km East of Adelaide). We also
considered the Australian National Racing Pigeon Board

We are prepared a revised race program for 2017 season, please read
the notes at the bottom of the program which explains much or our

The SAHPA AGM is booked for Monday 20th March, 2017 starting at
7:30pm SAHPA Hall. Pleas arrive at 7:00pm to sign in at the entrance
and march through foot baths of VirkonS. We ask that you wear
clothing that has not been worn in the pigeon loft just to reduce
risk of any contamination.

At the AGM we will include an agenda item to discuss the revised race

0005    05 Feb 2017  18:39:23: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Virus Update - The Wellington One Loft Race Manager advised me that
he had confirmation on Friday from AgriBio Victoria that the outbreak
in his loft is RotaVirus. The infected birds arrived from Sydney on
Saturday 21st January and the official announcement that the virus
had reached Sydney was Monday 23rd January. The Wellington Loft is
in lock down.

0006    30 Jan 2017  18:11:23: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Virus Update - The Wellington One Loft Race Loft Manager (70km East
of Adelaide) has contacted me this afternoon to advise that he has
some symptoms of the Virus in one of his lofts after receiving some
birds from Sydney, which has caused 10 old birds to die over the last
2 days, he has taken a bird to PIRSA this morning to be diagnosed and
he will advise when the disease is diagnosed. He is liaising with
Dr. Colin Walker on the matter as well.

Please read ANRPB recommendation 25/1/17 that fanciers do not
introduce birds into their loft and follow Bio Security procedures.
If you have a club meeting please supply VirkonS foot baths.

As per Dr. Walkers latest post it is important that fanciers have
their birds diagnosed if they fall sick, there are only 10 confirmed
cases in Victoria and 3 suspect cases, the remainder of cases being
reported are unconfirmed, some cases have turned out to be PMV or
CircoVirus. There are more cases in Sydney being reported but need
to be confirmed. Please check Melbourne Bird Vet link for more

SAHPA has donated $5000 to ANRPB Inc for the Disease Management Fund
and the SA Long Distance Racing Pigeon Club has also donated $1000 to
the fund.

0007    28 Jan 2017  15:10:26: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Virus Update - The Brisbane North Road Combine have announced a
confirmed outbreak of Rotavirus in the Logan area. Earlier in the
week around 30 lofts in Sydney have the virus. Port Augusta 300km
north of Adelaide has now had 6 lofts with illness consistent with
Rotavirus, I do not believe it has been confirmed at this time to be
Rotavirus, we have asked they get DPI to confirm the disease.
Please maintain good bio security, please check Melbourne Bird Vet
posts from time to time as the most recent posts show photos of a
loft which has the disease, it is quite distressing. Link on our
home page.

0008    24 Jan 2017  15:39:42: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Virus Update - Dr. Rob Marshall last night on pigeon radio announced
that Dr. Mark White another avian vet in Sydney had isolated the
Virus as RotaVirus which is member of the Reo Virus family. There
are now over 30 outbreaks in Sydney on top of the outbreaks in

We will shortly publish Dr. Colin Walker's announcement today which
also confirms RotaVirus and he has been very busy discussing it with
various Vaccine manufacturers and labs. Please read his very
detailed document dated 24th January.

You can also go to the Pigeon radio archives and listened to the Dr.
Rob Marshall segment on 23rd January. Please see link below


In the short term there is anecdotal discussion that treating your
birds with SulfaAVS as soon as you see the first bird vomit can
reduce the mortality rate of any birds that catch the virus. At
this time there is no reports of the disease here in SA apart from
the 4 lofts in Port Augusta.

0009    19 Jan 2017  08:24:48: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SALDC SECRETARY,  
SA Sires 2017 - Marree 580km North of Adelaide, Sunday 20th August.
New Guidelines this year.
1) Nominate ring numbers and Pay by Friday 16th June, hamper night of
our 4th SAHPA race.
2) Nominate up to 10 ring numbers per breeder
3) Pay $40 per bird
4) Hamper at SAHPA headquarters on Friday 18th August.
5) First Prize of a Motor Vehicle on the condition we exceed $30,000
in nominations.
6) All monies collected go to prize money, only transport costs
7) Prize money split for placings other than first are same as other
years, 40% to Nominator, 60% to Flyer, first Prize split (Flyer -
Vehicle valued at $14,000, nominator $6,000)
8) Coober Pedy pool race - Any bird nominated for the Sires and paid
by 16th June will eligible to be re-nominated in a $10 pool on the
Coober Pedy race, there will be 3 prizes 1st 50% of pool, 2nd 30% of
pool and 3rd 20% of pool.
9) Nominations can be raced from any registered loft in the SAHPA
boundary, that is up to 10 birds can be placed in another flyers
loft. For example One flyer can have 10 of their own birds nominated
but also have other birds nominated in their loft by other local,
country or interstate breeders.
Please note : Due to Virus outbreak we do NOT support bringing birds
in from interstate lofts but many members would already have birds
from before the outbreak interstate.
10) Marree Sires is being held 3 weeks after the Lyndhurst Young Bird
Classic so birds nominated for Sires can still race the YBC.

0010    19 Jan 2017  07:57:04: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Virus Update - The SAHPA Management Committee are continuing to
monitor the situation, we had a meeting on Wednesday 18th January and
the Committee wish to reassure members that we are still planning to
race this season.

Obviously we will review the decision each month and if there is an
outbreak in Adelaide this will change, we may also consider changing
race points depending on further information available closer to the
start of the season. It will be up to individual members to decide
whether they wish to race, we are still hopeful for a vaccine but
there is still uncertainty on whether this will be available before
the start of this season.