0001    26 Jul 2017  10:02:38: Posted by RAY PIMLOTT TRAINING from VICE CHAIR,  
Training Wednesday 26/07/17
Port Wakefield released 10.50 all away in 3 minutes.
Good Luck with todays training

0002    24 Jul 2017  17:22:29: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from CHAIRPERSON,  
Training Hino Dutro driver not able to take birds on Tuesday, so we
will change the North Toss to Wednesday. Richard Yeoull will do a
Milang toss on Wednesday for us, leave SAHPA Hall 8:30am, stop at
Castle Plaza at 9am before heading to Milang.

0003    23 Jul 2017  11:04:44: Posted by RAY PIMLOTT TRAINING from VICE CHAIR,  
Training Sunday 23/07/17
Port Wakefield Release 10.50am
Snowtown Release 11.45

Good luck today

0004    22 Jul 2017  09:13:23: Posted by SAHPA from RELEASE PANEL,  
Coonalpyn 58 owners 797b released @ 10:00am into a moderate NW wind
gusting a little stronger at times, with clear sky. All away in 4 min
heading for home. Coordinates same as last week. Good Luck.

0005    22 Jul 2017  08:48:04: Posted by SAHPA from RELEASE PANEL,  
Hawker 76 owners 1950 birds incl APC. Birds released @ 9:30am into a
light 20km/h N/W wind with clear sky, all away in 2 min in one batch.
Good luck today.

0006    15 Jul 2017  10:17:02: Posted by RELEASE PANEL from SAHPA,  
Sat 15/07/17 Coonalpyn birds released at 11:00am, sunny with patchy
cloud, very light W/SW breeze. All birds away in one batch in 5 mins.
GPS, S 35.70709, E 139.83536. Good luck to all.

0007    15 Jul 2017  08:24:05: Posted by RELEASE PANEL from SAHPA,  
Saturday 15th July. Hawker birds released at 9:00am very light SW
breeze, clear skies and sunny conditions. All birds away in one batch
in 5 mins. Expect strengthening N-NW wind up to 20km/h on way home.
Good luck to all flyers.

0008    15 Jul 2017  05:08:28: Posted by SAHPA RELEASE PANEL from RELEASE INFORMATION,  
Saturday 15th July. Hawker 82 Owners 1515 birds & Coonalpyn 65 Owners
770 Birds. Release information will follow each release today, we are
planning Hawker for 9am and Coonalpyn for 11:00, more details will

0009    13 Jul 2017  18:05:30: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Club Secretaries are advised not to accept nominations from any
Flyers who have not yet lodged their Flyer Self Declaration Form.
The SAHPA Secretary will be conducting an audit of who has lodged the
forms and any flyer found to not have signed and lodged the form will
be excluded from the SAHPA result and after next week their birds
will not be loaded on the race transport unit or Training units.
The Form can be downloaded from this website. Thank you to all
flyers who have lodged their form.

Reminder that the Hino Training Unit departs SAHPA Hall at 8:30am on
Wednesday for training from Milang, last week we only had 5 flyers,
264 birds, if members do not support this initiative we can not
afford to continue to run the service. I would expect that the
members that requested this service at the AGM and Special General
meeting will start using it next week.

0010    12 Jul 2017  21:59:58: Posted by TIM FAWCETT from SAHPA JUNIOR COMPETITION 2017,  
Hi Everyone the SAHPA Junior competition for 2017 will commence
Saturday 15th July from Hawker. The competition is open for persons
aged 4-16 yrs. (rules below)

2016 Race Programme (sponsors required $100 per race)

15th July Hawker
29th July Hawker
12th August Lyndhurst YBC
19th August Lyndhurst Open
2nd September The Twins Open

Rules & Regulations:

-25 Bird race team register (all 2016 rung birds ) which needs to be
submitted to SAHPA Junior Co-ordinator (Tim Fawcett) or the Gen
Secretary on basketing
night Race 1 Friday 14th July

-5 bird limit per race, single bird presentation for clocking.

- These birds are also eligible to be flown by the senior flyer if
one is present in the SAHPA competition in the same races (it is
unfair to penalise the senior for supporting junior), but not in
addition to any SAHPA bird limits.

-Results to be listed under clubs SAHPA Juniors.

-Points score awarded from 1st to last depending on registered
numbers each flyer will score pts providing they time a bird in.

-Presentation Night at start of SAHPA Presentation evening, Junior
will receive free entry. Each race to have 3 prize vouchers for $50
1st, $30 2nd & $20 3rd,

-One certificate to be awarded to each flyer as a diploma of
achievement at presentation night.

For any further details or queries please call Tim Fawcett on M: 0400
400 324 or email: tim.fawcett@sa.gov.au

The 2016 competition was highly successful and we regularly had 9
competing members, it would be great to build on that.
Thanks Tim F