0001    26 Sep 2018  14:36:42: Posted by JOHN HARPER from RELEASE PANEL,  
The release panel’s recommendation for this Saturday is The Twins
630km. The reason being South East winds around 30km/h possibly
gusting stronger in some areas. We believe this would give us a 10 ½
to 11 hr race with every flyer having the opportunity to clock on the
night and more importantly reduce heavy bird losses which would occur
if we flew Marla or Coober Pedy, remembering Mt Willoughby last
year. Sunday was an option but the winds are predominantly East
which again would lead to heavy losses. I think most of us would have
preferred to race from Marla but under the prevailing conditions the
welfare of the birds are our main concern.

0002    26 Sep 2018  11:10:51: Posted by JOHN HARPER from GENERAL SECRETARY,  
Saturday 29th toss. This is the last toss for the year so as numbers
are expected to be light we are only running one truck the Ford which
will be picking up from 7:00 am at Castle Plaza then Arndale, no
Assoc hall pick up, next Marden, the Swimming Pool, Engels at
Salisbury plains and the northern corner of Waterloo and Pt Wakefield
roads, pick up times may be a little later than normal.

0003    24 Sep 2018  10:23:44: Posted by JOHN HARPER from GENERAL SECRETARY,  
Basketing this week is on Thursday night 27th for a Saturday release,
weather permitting from Marla. Forecast temperature is looking good
for travelling Friday 24deg and Saturday 20deg at Marla. The main
issue is Southerly winds forecast for Saturday and SSE for Sunday so
the strength of the wind will be the determining factor as to whether
we will have to shorten the race point or not. The Weather forecast
will be more accurate later in the week.



0004    22 Sep 2018  08:30:51: Posted by JOHN HARPER from SAHPA RELEASE PANEL,  
New coordinates for Holbrook
-35_43_52 S
147_18_25 E

0005    22 Sep 2018  06:36:32: Posted by JOHN HARPER from SAHPA RELEASE PANEL,  
Holbrook 800km 66 owners 726 birds, affiliates 7 owners 41 birds, 5
bird pool 24 owners 85 birds. Released at 5:50am, patchy cloud, no
wind all away in 1 minute heading for home. There is a possibility of
some birds making it on the night.
Good Luck

0006    18 Sep 2018  11:26:38: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Holbrook (NSW) Race 795km ESE of Adelaide will be held on Saturday
22nd September, hamper Wednesday night. The winner of the race will
receive an additional prize of 2 gold rings kindly donated by the
Sydney Gold Ring Race committee worth $100 each. Please see advert
for this race on our website and we encourage SA flyers to
participate in Sydney's richest race.

Coober Pedy 750km North of Adelaide - congratulations to Geoff and
Bridget Clare on winning the race in very fast time, they will
receive free entry into the Gold Coast 50000, the prize is valued at
$350. Thank you to the GC50000 organisers. Geoff also won the 5 bird
pool with this bird.

Congratulations to Greg Hamilton who came 2nd in the 2018 GC50000
held last weekend, he won $20,000 but if his bird had run in faster
by 0.9 of a second it would have been $42,000. There were 11 birds
arrive together.

Congratulations to Leo Duits who bred the winner of the Terang Sires
Classic and gave me the privilege of racing it as Harris and Duits,
the winner collects $7,000, plus Leo pooled the bird and bought his
loft in the calcutta so he collects another $600. The drinks are on
Leo !!

0007    16 Sep 2018  08:11:57: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SALDC SECRETARY,  
Terang Sires Classic 530km SE of Adelaide. 41 flyers / 158 birds
were released at 6:00am, out of sight in 4 minutes, light SW at
release point, patchy clouds in the sky, some drizzle in the
distance. We expect the birds to take 8 and half hours to 9 hours
Total Prize Money $16,4000, see list in earlier post on this forum.
The $10 King Pool had 55 birds so we will pay 3 prizes. 1st $275,
2nd $165, 3rd $110
The Loft Calcutta, one prize per loft, total $650, 1st $325, 2nd
$195, 3rd $130.
Results will be done at SAHPA Hall tonight from 7:30pm, Good Luck in
today's race

0008    16 Sep 2018  07:58:52: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Holbrook next week - Reminder that we still plan to hamper Wednesday
to give the driver and liberator time to get to Holbrook Friday
afternoon to feed, drink and rest for release on Saturday.

0009    14 Sep 2018  15:01:59: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA TREASURER,  
Coober Pedy 750km NNW of Adelaide.
115 Owners, 1936 birds plus Adelaide Pigeon Club 178, Affiliates 42
birds (Total 2156 birds)

5 Bird Pool 33 flyers / 151 birds
Pool $402, nominations $302 + $100 SAHPA Donation
1 prize per 50 birds, 4 prizes this week.
1st $181
2nd $121
3rd $60
4th $40
Total $402

0010    14 Sep 2018  07:30:56: Posted by JOHN HARPER from RELEASE PANEL,  
Coober Pedy 750km 115 owners 1,963b. APC 178b M Bridge 42b. 5b Pool
33 owners 151b. Birds released at 7:00am clear sky, no clouds, light
NNE wind 15km/h all away together in 2 minutes. Expect a fast race
with strengthening N-NW-W wind on journey home.