0001    20 Sep 2017  08:10:29: Posted by TIM FAWCETT from SAHPA RELEASE PANEL & COM,  
The release panel have recommended to COM who have agreed the Mt
Gambier Open race scheduled to be held on Saturday 23rd Sept will now
be conducted on Friday 22nd Sept, due to forecast rain and strong
winds from Lower SE to Adelaide regions on Sat & Sun. Hampering will
remain on Thursday night with a release planned for around 8am Friday
at the Mt Gambier release site.
In relation to clocks, clubs can do ETS evaluation for CooberPedy on
Thursday before basketing for Mt Gambier but not to enter results
until Friday. Clocks and results for both races can be presented
from 6pm Friday 22nd Sept. We thank the membership for their
understanding around this.

0002    20 Sep 2017  07:11:29: Posted by SAHPA from RELEASE PANEL,  
Coober Pedy 745km, 101 Owners 1,762b. Cock Bird Special 22 owners
138b. Vin Blanden 22b.
Conditions fine with a 12km/h N/East wind. Clear blue sky with a few
clouds. Birds released @ 7:00am all away in 2mins then around 300
birds returned and were reluctant to leave finally clearing @ 7:15am.
The Cock Bird Special race birds were released @ 7:45am and were gone
in 2mins. We expect a quick race (6 1/2 - 7 hrs) with predominantly
North winds of 20-30km/h along the route home. Good Luck today.

0003    19 Sep 2017  18:42:15: Posted by TONY PERKINS from GENERAL SECRETARY,  
Birds watered well at Pt Augusta and Glendambo then fed and watered
very well upon arrival at Coober Pedy 2pm water stays on truck till
morning. Due to be released 7am

0004    16 Sep 2017  15:22:35: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Coober Pedy - The Committee of Management have held a phone
conference, the decision is to hold the race on Wednesday 20th
September, hamper Monday night. CMI Hino drove the truck back to
Adelaide at 60km.hr on Friday and have advised the Truck will be
repaired under warranty on Monday, the problem was a fault in the
emission switch, the whole turbo has to be replaced. We wanted to
hold Coober Pedy next week end as a double header, however the
weather forecast for later in the week would mean it would be too hot
to hold Coober Pedy (32C on Friday). Plan is hamper this Monday
night for Coober Pedy, release Wednesday, hamper Thursday night for
Mount Gambier and release Saturday, results for both races on
Saturday night. Members with manual clocks can request a fire off on
Thursday night by contacting Clock Chairperson 0417829011. Club
Secretaries to calculate Coober Pedy nominations and monies already
paid will pay for this rerun of the race, if there are less birds
sent then subtract the difference from the following weeks total
nomination for Marla.

0005    16 Sep 2017  10:45:11: Posted by HINO TRAINING UNIT SATURDAY 16 SEPTEMBER from VICE CHAIR,  
Release times for today Saturday 16 Sept.
Dublin 10.15am
Pt Wakefield 10.50am
Bute 11.30am

Good luck

0006    15 Sep 2017  18:07:23: Posted by TONY PERKINS from GENERAL SECRETARY.,  
The fault with the Hino truck was found to be a faulty emission
switch on the turbo and will be replaced by Monday arvo.
The general consciences thus far is to have the Coober Pedy race next
weekend 23rd with the Mount Gambier race. Tossing will be tomorrow
(Saturday) as previously stated.

0007    15 Sep 2017  10:46:32: Posted by SAHPA from RELEASE PANEL,  
Coober Pedy Race cancelled. Birds released from Port Wakefield @
10:00 am in two batches, (possibly Nth Loading side) and other side
10 mins later 10:10 am.

0008    15 Sep 2017  08:58:48: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Coober Pedy Race - Due to a computer fault in the Hino FD Truck the
driver had to stop at Port Wakefield overnight as my understanding it
would only let him travel at 20km/hr. The General Secretary
contacted Hino Road Side Assistance and they took a part out of
another truck and went up to Port Wakefield this morning, but could
not resolve the problem and the truck will need to be towed back to
Adelaide for repair. We have instructed the Convoyer to release the
birds from Port Wakefield. We apologise for this disruption to the
race program and the Committee of Management will discuss options for
the re-holding the Coober Pedy race or providing refunds.

0009    14 Sep 2017  06:59:55: Posted by FORD & HINO TRAINING SATURDAY 16TH SEPT from VICE CHAIR,  
All members please be advised that both the Ford & Hino training
units will train this SATURDAY 16th September and NOT Sunday as
stated in programme.
Normal pickup times.
Please tell your mates.

0010    12 Sep 2017  10:23:32: Posted by HINO DUTRO TRAINING from VICE CHAIR,  
Training release times for Tuesday 12th September
Dublin 10.20am
Port Wakefield 11.15am
Kulpara 11.15am towards coast away in 3 minutes
Good luck