0001    21 Mar 2019  16:03:43: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
SAHPA Annual General Meeting on Friday 22nd March at SAHPA Hall,
please arrive at 7:00pm to sign in and meeting starts 7:30pm.

0002    14 Mar 2019  11:57:31: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Rotavirus - It is important for members to understand that there were
reports of lofts in Adelaide having symptoms of Rotavirus several
weeks ago before the vaccine was available. As Greg Kakoschke Chair
of ANRPB reminded the SAHPA Committee the full protection from
Rotavirus provided by the vaccine is only around 8 to 10 days after
the second dose. Therefore lofts are still vulnerable although many
would have administered the first dose of Rotavax earlier this week.
We recommend that you maintain good biosecurity measures to avoid the
further outbreaks of Rotavirus in particular over the next 6 weeks as
your birds immunity is established.

0003    11 Mar 2019  21:02:11: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Vaccinations - the SAHPA Rotavax shipment arrived on Thursday 7th
March and John Harper has distributed the vaccine to the members.
Many have already administered the first dose 0.3ml and will do the
second dose 4 weeks later.

Please note that a SAHPA member was having a serious health problem
in his loft and he had Dr. Fowler test his birds and it was confirmed
as PPMV. We strongly recommend that all members make sure that they
vaccinate their birds very soon if not already done. Remember it is
compulsory for all members to vaccinate for PPMV and PPOX. Rotavirus
vaccinations are optional.

0004    11 Mar 2019  20:39:15: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
SAHPA Annual General Meeting on Friday 22nd March at SAHPA Hall,
please arrive at 7:00pm to sign in and meeting starts 7:30pm.

Sires Produce nominations close at the end of March, I will be
accepting nominations and payment before AGM meeting starts. Club
Secretaries have been posted an envelope with Financial Statements
for AGM and it includes a Sires Produce Nomination form. You can
also select Sires Produce tab on the sahpa website and the 2019
nomination form can be clicked on and then printed. Race is from
Marree this year, $50 per nomination, up to 8 birds allowed to be
nominated, if you nominate 8 you get the eighth bird for free, that
is 8 for $350.

The SAHPA Financial statements are available on the website under the
MINUTES tab, then select MINUTES 2019, you will see Profit And Loss
Statement, Balance Sheet, Treasurers report, Auditiors report,
Chairmans report, Meeting Agenda.

0005    06 Feb 2019  16:42:05: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
ROTAVAX - On the 24/01/19 the SAHPA lodged an order with Treidlia
for 36 x 1000 Dose packs, and 20 x 100 dose packs ($17,160) We will
let you know when we have confirmation of a shipping date, hopefully
late February. Our understanding is that Dr. White recommends that
fanciers allow at least 1 week between dosing a pigeon for RotaVirus
and PMV. A good plan if you have not done your PMV vaccinations as
you move squeakers from breeding loft to race loft might be to, Dose
your young birds for example : Week 1 PMV, Week 3 Rota, Week 5 PMV
and POX, Week 7 Rota

Our remaining stock of Pigeon POX vaccine is very low as it has been
selling like hot cakes, we can reorder but Melbourne Bird Vet Clinic
ships it with an expiry date of January 2020 so we do not want to
over order, please contact the General Secretary John Harper to let
us know if you still need to purchase Pigeon Pox Vaccine.

0006    04 Feb 2019  14:19:21: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA TREASURER,  
Reminder to members to deposit Prize Money cheques, please follow up
your Club Secretary if you have not been given your cheque and if you
have it, please present it at the bank. As at 31/01/2019 these
cheques written back in September and October have not been presented
V Curea Chq 6652 SN Verco $24.00
Yang & Gao Chq 6653 SN Verco $19.00
Fawcett & Jackson Chq 6659 HAW Verco $48.00
H DeVries Chq 6661 HAW Verco $36.00
S Manuel Chq 6669 HAM 5B Pool $220.00
J Keogh Chq 6674 LYN 5B Pool $135.00
Yang & Gao Chq 6675 LYN 5B Pool $68.00
S Manuel Chq 6704 CP 5B Pool $40.00
T Fawcett Chq 6710 TT2 5B Pool $62.00

0007    18 Jan 2019  17:53:04: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
RotaVirus Vaccine Order - We have a tentative order of 30 x 1,000
Dose bottles but now that the price is published we would like to
formalise the order by asking Club Secretaries to check with their
members and send a confirmation of how many bottles they wish to
commit to.

The price is $450 for 1,000 dose bottle, plus $9.75 per bottle for
the refrigerated freight (4 bottles for $39). Each pigeon needs 2
doses 4 weeks apart, so it works out to 92 cents per bird. We are
encouraging clubs to buy 1,000 dose bottles and decant them to
smaller quantities for each member.

Can Club Secretaries please contact John Harper via email
sahpa.secretary@gmail.com and confirm the number of bottles they wish
to order. The SAHPA will order on your behalf and then receive
payment when you collect the bottles which is expected to be early
February. Paul Springett asked Dr. White about the expiry date and
he confirmed a minimum of 18 month expiry date but Dr. White will
later confirm whether it is 2 years.

The vaccine is a "kill vaccine" which means that you can safely dose
selected birds without the risk of passing the disease on to other
birds not vaccinated which is different to a "live vaccine" as used
for Pigeon Pox. We do encourage members to dose all their birds but
it is not compulsory.

0008    16 Jan 2019  14:48:47: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
SAHPA Annual Membership fee 2019 is once again $220 and for Affiliate
members it is $99. We have kept the membership fee the same and
increased the Affiliate membership from $77 to $99, several years ago
the Management Committee planned to gradually increase the Affiliate
membership to half a full membership fee. Affiliate members which
are flyers outside the 50km boundary get all the same benefits as
SAHPA full members except they can not vote or appear in official
results, although we still provide for them within our system for
club results. The membership fee is set to cover the fixed costs of
running the SAHPA, which includes honorariums, building insurance,
officers insurance, volunteer workers insurance, public liability,
rates and taxes, electricity, water, workcover, telephones and
security. The membership fees in 2017 had a short fall of $8,000 to
cover these costs, the extra $20 for 20 odd affiliate members will
not make a lot of difference but as Treasurer it would be
irresponsible for me to not recommend a slight increase so that full
members are not subsidizing affiliate members as much. We are
constantly working on ways to reduce our costs in an environment
where costs are going up and membership is declining due to age of
participants. At the AGM we will highlight some of the cost savings
and ideas we have to promote the sport.

0009    15 Jan 2019  20:24:51: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
SAHPA Five Person Committee Positions vacant - Applications are open
for the Southern Zone Delegate and Eastern/Hills Delegate as both
Paul Springett and David Thalbourne have resigned from these
positions. Applications for election close on 31/01/19, please apply
in writing to General Secretary John Harper and have a name and
signature of a seconder financial members. Applicants to reside and
compete in that Zone, in the case of partnerships the applicant is
the resident of the loft.

0010    05 Jan 2019  16:42:32: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Rotavirus Update - The SAHPA has lodged an initial order for 30,000
doses of the Rotavirus Vaccine. We will advise the price and
expected delivery date once we are updated. Our plan is to take club
orders and share out the 1,000 dose bottles, each club can then
decant the number of doses for each of their members. Our
understanding is that it is 2x0.3ml dose 4 weeks apart. Our existing
guns can be calibrated for 0.3ml.

Apparently there are a couple flyers out North who have experienced
some virus problems in their lofts over the last fortnight. We
remind members to be vigilant with their bio-security. It is also
important not to become complacent about PMV, please dose your young
birds as they leave the nest and again 4 weeks later. It is
compulsory for all SAHPA Members to vaccinate their birds for PMV and
POX. We may conduct titre tests on any loft which we suspect has not
vaccinated their birds. Old birds need a PMV booster every year
otherwise their titre levels drop and they will not be able to fight
off the virus if they come in contact.

We have received a new shipment of 20 x1000 dose PMV bottles we sold
out of the last 20 within a few weeks, please contact General
Secretary to order, there was a slight cost price increase but we
have kept the price at $165 including GST. We also have POX vaccine
available at $110 including GST.