0001    24 Oct 2018  19:09:03: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
SAHPA Top 30 Flyers Auction. Most of the Top 30 flyers for the 2018
season have donated a bird to raise funds for the SAHPA. Tim Fawcett
has kindly donated his services and his Web Auction site, please go
to www.pigeonauctions.com.au or via Group 1 Lofts advertisement on
our home page. There are some excellent birds on offer. The Auction
closes Sunday evening 28th October.

0002    11 Oct 2018  13:30:13: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SALDC SECRETARY,  
Border Village 962km, Birds released at 7:45am Thursday 11/10/18.
Peter Mundy confirmed the release, he had no phone coverage until he
got back to Ceduna. Birds were fed and watered at 3pm yesterday and
then again via lantern when he arrived at Border Village in the dark.
When released this morning there was a light ESE wind, they took 5
minutes to clear and headed out to sea but are expected to follow the
coast line.
If you clock a bird please contact me on 0418853111. Results SAHPA
Hall Saturday 4pm.

Warren March of Seasue Lofts has generously donated a youngster being
bred off one of his long distance import families to the Winner of
the Race.

0003    10 Oct 2018  17:50:46: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SALDC SECRETARY,  
Border Village 962km WNW of Adelaide near the WA border. 21
Owners/150 birds. Plan is to release around 7:45am Thursday morning
(First Sun 6:44, Sunrise 7:08). The wind is forecast to be around
16km/hr Easterly, Ceduna 2:30pm forecast 16km/hr ESE 22C, Late on
Thursday Kimba 20km/hr SE. On second day Friday, Whyalla 7:30am
12km/hr SSE, Port Wakefield 9:30am 10km/hr E, Adelaide 10:30+ 10km/hr
NE. Electronic clocks which are still on pre-daylight saving time
will need to have their reading adjusted by 1hr.
Results to be done at SAHPA Hall on Saturday at 4pm. Please ring
Gavin on 041885311 when you clock. SAHPA and SALDC Prizemoney and
PMV $165 and POX $110 Vaccines can be picked up on Saturday between
4pm and 5pm.
1st $500
2nd $250
3rd $125
4th $90
5th $70
6th $50
Total $1085
King Pool (14 birds)
1st $98
2nd $42
SALDC trophy value $100 to Winner
Bronte Andrewartha has generously donated a trophy for the first Cock
Bird (49 cocks, 101 hens in race).
Thank you to Peter Mundy for transporting the birds to the race point
and being willing to get there and let them up a day earlier to avoid
the warm weather. The SALDC Long Distance points championship is
going to go down to the wire, with Adelaide Race Lofts (Denis Shaw)
on 100 points, Horrocks and Seiboth on 97 points, then Greg Kakoschke
(81) and George Tsonis (80) all within striking distance. Good Luck
to the birds and flyers participating.

0004    09 Oct 2018  11:59:12: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA TREASURER,  
SAHPA Update
Prizemoney cheques for SAHPA Winners $200 ($100 first prize and $100
Trophy Money), Five Bird Pool prizes and the Vin Blanden Pool Prize
will be available for collection Tuesday 9th October after hampering
for Border Village.
We also have received a new shipment of Vaccines, PMV $165 and POX
$110 including GST.

0005    09 Oct 2018  08:42:20: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SALDC SECRETARY,  
Border Village 962km WNW of Adelaide on the WA border. First Prize
$500, Hampering Tuesday night 9th October from 6:30pm.
Due to warm weather forecast on Friday afternoon around Ceduna, we
now plan to release Thursday morning so the birds can get closer to
home and avoid the heat of Friday afternoon. We will discuss with
the participants after hampering as to whether we do the result
Saturday afternoon or remain as Sunday afternoon. Nominations $20 per
bird , you get your 5th bird free.

0006    07 Oct 2018  16:30:04: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SALDC SECRETARY,  
Border Village 962km WNW of Adelaide
First prize $500, Hampering Tuesday night 9th October from 7pm at
SAHPA Hall only, Release Friday 12th October, results Sunday 4pm
SAHPA Hall. Nominations $20 per bird, you get the fifth bird free,
nominate 10 and pay $160. Loft Calcutta to be held after hampering
and a $10 king pool for nominated birds. Weather sites are reporting
16 to 20km NE winds early in the race and Easterly winds at end of
the day. One website has forecast 31C at Ceduna on Friday at 1:30pm
but Accuweather Premium is reporting 25C.

0007    06 Oct 2018  13:29:15: Posted by SAHPA TREASURER from GAVIN HARRIS,  
Benalla Vin Blanden Memorial Nominated Bird
31 nominations
1st nominated bird $155

Five Bird Pools
Benalla Open 5 Bird Pool 23 flyers / 97 birds
Pool $294, nominations of $194 + $100 SAHPA Donation
1 prize per 50 birds, 3 prizes this week.
1st $147
2nd $88
3rd $59
Total $294

Sorry I have missed publishing the previous 2 weeks Five Bird Pools.

The Twins Open II 5 Bird Pool 22 flyers/ 106 birds
$312, Nominations $212 plus SAHPA Donation $100.
1 prize per 50 birds, 3 prizes this week.
1st $156 G Rayment
2nd $94 G Cawte, Field and Last
3rd $62 Fawcett T and Jackson G
Total $312

Holbrook Open 5 Bird Pool 24 flyers / 85 birds
Pool $270,nominations $170 + $100 SAHPA Donation
1 prize per 50 birds, 3 prizes this week.
1st $135 P Wortley
2nd $81 Adel Race Lofts (D Shaw)
3rd $54 G Rayment
Total $270

0008    06 Oct 2018  06:23:45: Posted by JOHN HARPER from SAHPA RELEASE PANEL,  
Benalla 690km 795b 67 owners. 5B pool 23 owners 97b. Vin Blanden 31
owners. Birds released @ 5:30am Adelaide time, all away in 1 minute
heading for home. Light 2km/h South wind with blue sky 6deg.
With light variable winds changing to North for a large part of the
journey we are anticipating a 11hr fly.
Good Luck today

0009    03 Oct 2018  11:25:53: Posted by JOHN HARPER from GENERAL SECRETARY,  
Reminder that the Vin Blanden Special event will be conducted on this
Saturday's race from Benalla. Nominate 1 bird @ $5.00.

0010    02 Oct 2018  10:05:35: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
The Chair of ANRPB Greg Kakoschke emailed the SAHPA that Dr Mark
White has advised of his intention to commence commercial
manufacturing of the vaccine this week following 3 successful test
batch trials.

Dr White has also advised that he will honour his commitment to
supply ANRPB Disease Management Fund donors first. This will include
a small number of individuals, plus clubs and associations.

What we do not know yet is exactly when the vaccine will become
available as we are still awaiting APVMA approval.

Another “unknown” is whether Dr White will be able to supply
directly to clubs and associations or whether the APVMA will
stipulate Veterinarian only supply. On that note I recall you having
mentioned the possibility of knowing a SA vet who may be able to
assist SAHPA members.

The ANRPB has some work to do to supply Dr Mark White with the number
of doses of the vaccine that each donor club and association require.
The ANRPB would appreciate SAHPA guidance in determining how many
doses of the vaccine will be required by SAHPA members.

Could each Club Secretary please survey their members and advise the
SAHPA General Secretary the number of members who will purchase the
vaccine this Thursday night 4th October.

We appreciate it is difficult to commit not knowing the price yet but
would appreciate members to indicate whether the will purchase the