0001    16 Feb 2018  12:05:11: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
The SAHPA Committee of Management on behalf of our members would like
to thank the Warrnambool Racing Pigeon Club for their kind donation
of $500 towards trophies. The Warrnambool Club greatly appreciate
the SA flyers breeding birds for their annual sale and I would
encourage members to pencil in Sunday 27th January 2019 next year to
attend their sale, it is a great way to spend your long weekend and
stay in the seaside town, the club make people very welcome and have
social events around the sale.

0002    16 Feb 2018  12:00:24: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Annual General Meeting - Friday 23rd March, 2018 7pm sign in to start
meeting at 7:30pm SAHPA Hall.
Agenda and Financials to be posted out soon so they arrive 21 days
before the meeting.
Reminder that Annual membership of $220 is due by 31st March, 2018
and club secretaries to pay all memberships as one transaction and
submit membership form. Please note at the AGM members will vote on
whether a rejoining fee of $110 will apply in addition to normal
membership for people who chose not to pay up membership in 2017. We
were very pleased that 178 members paid up last year, of which some
did chose not to race but still supported the SAHPA to cover our
costs. Members who had extenuating circumstances for not paying
membership in 2017 could apply for exemption.

0003    29 Jan 2018  18:26:01: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Rotavirus Vaccine Progress - Please see summary documented by Dr.
Colin Walker on Melbourne Bird Vet Clinic website, link available at
top of this page.

0004    29 Jan 2018  18:24:39: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SALDC SECRETARY,  
Sires Produce 2018 UPDATE !!!
Race point Terang, 530km SE of Adelaide on Sunday 16th September.
Auction this Sunday 4th February at SAHPA Hall. Present birds
between 8:30am to 10am, Auction starts at 10:30am.
Now allow up to 8 birds per breeder, See new rules and regulations
on SAHPA Website.
Pre-nominations is $50 per bird up to 8 birds, you get the eighth
bird for free, for example nominate 8 birds for $350.
You can put pre-nominated birds into another flyers loft if you wish,
just complete the form and show the loft of the flyer as well as the
Pre-Nominations close on 30th March 2018, please hand them in before
the SAHPA AGM on 23rd March if you wish to save postage.
If we get over $30,000 in nominations the first prize will be a Car
for the Flyer and $6,000 for the Breeder. All other prizes are 60%
to flyer, 40% to breeder.

0005    08 Jan 2018  15:02:45: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SALDC SECRETARY,  
Sires Produce 2018 will be held on South East line 480km to 550km
during August 2018. An Auction will be held on Sunday 4th February,
2018 at SAHPA Hall. Present birds between 8:30am and 10am, Auction
starts at 10:30am. Birds presented should be 28 to 35 days old and
the SALDC committee will vaccinate birds for PMV if they have not
already been vaccinated. If a Rotavirus vaccine is available by then
we will endeavour to procure it.
The Pre-paid option will revert to the same rules as 2016, $50 per
bird. Each registered club member can only put in total 6 birds,
whether that be in sale and/or prepaid. Further rules and
regulations will soon be published on this website.

0006    18 Dec 2017  13:55:03: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Australian National Racing Pigeon Board - We are pleased to announce
that Greg Kakoschke is now the Chairperson of the ANRPB and David
Thalbourne has been appointed by the SAHPA Committee as the SA
Representative on the Board. We also have David Walker as the
Secretary of ANRPB.

0007    18 Dec 2017  13:44:32: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
SAHPA Top 30 Aggregate Points Winners Auction - On behalf of the
Committee and the General membership I would like to thank the Flyers
that contributed birds and/or bought birds at our Auction. We raised
$3,400 including raffles which will be used for some further
alterations at the SAHPA Hall and painting out the front. This type
of donation to our great Association is much appreciated and helps us
to keep our SAHPA Hall at a high standard.

0008    16 Nov 2017  17:23:05: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
SAHPA Presentation Dinner Saturday 18th November at Angle Park
Greyhound Track, Chasers Restaurant, 55 Cardigan St. Starts at
6:30pm, $35 per head for full buffett dinner. Master of Ceremonies -
Ray Fewings. If you havent already bought a ticket please advise
Tony Perkins on 0448883512 if you would like to attend.

0009    09 Nov 2017  18:47:07: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SALDC SECRETARY,  
SALDC Long Distance Champion 2017 was Peter Roumeliotis of the North
Suburban club. Please see table of results under POINTS, SALDC.
Peter scored points in all races Alice Springs, Coober Pedy, Mt
Willoughby 1 and 2. Ever consistent Greg and Stephanie Kakoschke
came 2nd and the team of Williams, Verrall and Barlow came 3rd in the

0010    25 Oct 2017  13:36:08: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA TREASURER,  
SAHPA Prize Money cheques were posted out on 24th October. Each
SAHPA Race Winner won $100 for First prize plus $100 trophy money.
The Management committee agreed that for the 5 Bird Specials to put
all the nomination fee excluding GST back into Prize Money as the
birds were on the same unit as the Main Race and therefore did not
incur any extra cost to the SAHPA. We have paid 1 prize for every 50
birds, The Twins had 287 birds and Mount Gambier 5 bird special had
284 birds, so we paid 1st to 6th position for each race.

Mount Gambier 5 Bird Special Prize Winners
1st Hamilton Racing $480 plus $100 Trophy money donated by
Warrnambool Club
2nd Hans Devries $336
3rd Ross Chapman $154
4th Ross Chapman $129
5th Cook and Edwards $103
6th Williams, Verrall and Barlow $90

The Twins 5 Bird Special Prize Winners
1st Keith Bowen $480 plus $100 Trophy money donated by Warrnambool
2nd Crawford Hamilton $340
3rd Adelaide Race Lofts $156
4th Perry Burton $130
5th Crawford Hamilton $104
6th Peter Vranek $90

Coober Pedy Vin Blanden Memorial Prize
$100 to Geoff Rayment