0001    27 May 2018  10:27:54: Posted by PAUL SPRINGETT from VICE CHAIR,  
Hino training Sunday 27/05/2018
Release time;
Cactus Farm 10.25am
Port Wakefield 11.00am
Snowtown 11.45 am, Released 10Km short of Snowtown due to weather
closing in.

0002    26 May 2018  09:59:52: Posted by JOHN HARPER from SAHPA,  
Saturday 26th Red Hill Angel Fight 160km.
15 flyers 531b
Release point: Conditions fine high cloud cover of 80%, wind from NNE
gusting at times to 30km/h.
Birds released at 11:00am, good release all away in one bunch heading
for home in 4 minutes.
Expected flight time 1 3/4 hrs to town.
Big thanks to Brian Donovan for donating his time & vehicle also to
the Clubs that donated money and the flyers that supported this

0003    23 May 2018  13:58:38: Posted by JOHN HARPER from SAHPA,  
Friday May 25th basketing for Redhill Angel Flight will be in the new
Gerhardy hampers for the Gerhardy trailer. Please have bird numbers
in by 7:00 pm ph 0448 883 512. No bird limit, send as many as you
like at $1:00 per bird. All proceeds go to The Royal Flying Doctor
Service. Please support TRFDS which is 90 years old this year.

0004    22 May 2018  13:03:34: Posted by JOHN HARPER from SAHPA,  
All the Club bird numbers are in with a total of 18,500 in round
figures, less than expected. This means that the Prepaid figure is
$3.85 per bird.
Could all secretaries that have not done so please advise on the
number of members that are likely to fly the Angel flight on

0005    22 May 2018  09:45:32: Posted by PAUL SPRINGETT from VICE CHAIR,  
Hino training Tuesday 22nd May 2018.
Release time.
Port Wakefield 11am

0006    21 May 2018  07:54:19: Posted by JOHN HARPER (GEN SECT) from SAHPA,  
Could those Clubs that haven't submitted their Prepaid bird numbers
please do so by tonight Monday 21/05. Only 50% of club numbers are in
so in turn slowing down the process of publishing the prepaid $
figure that has been promised by Weds 23/05.

0007    20 May 2018  10:52:53: Posted by PAUL SPRINGETT from VICE CHAIR,  
Hino training Sunday 20th May 2018
Release times:
Lower Light 10.10am
Cactus Farm 10.20am
Port Wakefield 11.15am
Snowtown 12.10pm

0008    13 May 2018  10:06:51: Posted by PAUL SPRINGETT from VICE CHAIR,  
The Hino training for Sunday 3rd May.
Released Port Wakefield at 10.55am.

0009    11 May 2018  17:59:53: Posted by JOHN HARPER from GENERAL SECRETARY,  
SAHPA Reminder working bee at SAHPA Hall on Saturday 12th May
starting at 9:30am. Plan to sweep out loading dock and adjacent shed
where Ford F100 is garaged. Also fill in any car park pot holes.
All members welcome if they can provide 1 or 2 hours assistance.

0010    06 May 2018  10:29:11: Posted by PAUL SPRINGETT from VICE CHAIRPERSON,  
The HINO training today Sunday 6th May 18
Release times are as follows:
Lower Light 10.10am
Dublin 10.35am
Port Wakefield 11.15am
11 owners sent 1035 birds