0001    22 Jul 2024  09:15:29: Posted by TIM FAWCETT from SAHPA RELEASE PANEL,  
Stirling Nth no 3 22/7/24 106 owners 2461 birds plus 643 trainers,
birds were released at 900 am all out of sight in a homeward
direction in 3 minutes conditions were clear with blue skies and a
light NW wind

0002    21 Jul 2024  08:26:42: Posted by TIM FAWCETT from SAHPA RELEASE PANEL,  
Olary 21/7/24 80 owners 1331 birds, released at 8:15 am split into
two batches and were out of sight in under 5 minutes weather at
release point was fine and clear with light N wind, coordinates are

0003    20 Jul 2024  16:57:25: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Pools - We have decided to keep it open until Tuesday 23rd July 5pm,
(please disregard previous forum post.
So please fill in the 10 bird nomination sheet and pay your money
into the bank account as shown on the SAHPA website. If anyone has
already lodged their form and want to revise their nomination on
Tuesday, they are free to do so.

0004    20 Jul 2024  16:51:49: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Mazda Training Unit - The next training toss will be on Tuesday, Nick
will train birds from Kulpara and Port Broughton.

0005    20 Jul 2024  16:51:00: Posted by GAVIN HARRIS from SAHPA CHAIRPERSON,  
Sires Produce - Reminder nominations close next Thursday night 25th
July. Please see information by Clicking CLub Pages, Sires Produce.

0006    18 Jul 2024  18:00:04: Posted by TONY PERKINS from SAHPA SECRETARY,  
We just received the sad news that Alan Harris passed away last
night, condolences to family and friends.

0007    18 Jul 2024  10:38:47: Posted by ANTHONY PERKINS from SAHPA SECRETARY,  
We have received 40 bags of HiCarb race mix free of charge from
Hunter Premium Produce as sponsorship for the SAHPA 2024 racing
season. This high-quality product can be purchased from the Magill
grain Store.

0008    18 Jul 2024  09:57:20: Posted by ANTHONY PERKINS from SAHPA SECRETARY,  
ALICE SPRINGS 2024. 1325km
Hampering TUESDAY 13th AUGUST
Release FRIDAY 16th AUGUST
The LDC are offering a training toss from LAKE HART 485km NW of
Adelaide sometime between 28th July to 1st August. The LDC is looking
for a full days fly so will give a couple of days notice of the
hampering evening at Baulderstone Rd. Whilst the toss is
predominately for Alice preparation you will be able to send any age
The 2023 Alice winner along with a number of top 10 placings had the
Lake Hart toss.
Freight will be a very modest $2 bird with a minimum charge of $10 if
under 5 birds.
Hampering at Baulderstone Rd, travel next day to Lake Hart , release
the next morning. Any enquires to Greg Hodgins or Gavin Harris.
On behalf of the Long Distance Committee.

0009    16 Jul 2024  17:01:03: Posted by ANTHONY PERKINS from SAHPA SECRETARY,  
The Release panel have discussed this weekends racing with the SAHPA
Chairman and Secretary. Given the W/SW winds at up to 35 km/hr not
withstanding gusts on Saturday and possibility of up to 6mm rain, the
decision has been made to move the Olary race to Sunday with Friday
night basketing and the Stirling North race to Monday with Sunday
night basketing. Both races will be on the Geraldy Truck so surplus
birds will be able to be sent to both races and it will give the
opportunity for young birds to be educated on eating and drinking for
upcoming SAHPA races. We do appreciate everyone's patience at this
time of very unsettled weather patterns in our state.

0010    16 Jul 2024  11:12:19: Posted by ANTHONY PERKINS from SAHPA SECRETARY,  
Wakefield training released at 10.40am Kulpara Training released at