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Season 2024

Season 2023

Season 2022

WNT Warnertown 194km NW1 28/05/2022
PA1 Paruna 197km NE1 02/06/2022
SN1 Stirling North 280km NW2 11/06/2022
PA2 Paruna 197km NE2 18/06/2022
BO1 Bookaloo 360km NW3 25/06/2022
RC1 Red Cliffs 336km NE3 02/07/2022
PI1 Pimba No.1 430km NW4 09/07/2022
CO1 Coombah 1 330km NE4 15/07/2022
LC1 Lincoln Gap 275km West line 1 20/07/2022
PI2 Pimba No.2 430km NW5 23/07/2022
CO2 Coombah 2 330km NE5 30/07/2022
KI1 Kimba 280km West line 2 03/08/2022
YBC Glendambo Young Bird Classic 540km NW6 07/08/2022
SAD Little Topar SA Derby 490km NE6 13/08/2022
WU1 Warnertown West line 3 17/08/2022
GLO Glendambo Open 510km NW7 20/08/2022
LTO Little Topar Open 490km NE7 27/08/2022
PO1 Poochera 426km West line 4 30/08/2022
ASP Alice Springs Marathon 1320km SALDC NW 02/09/2022
TTO The Twins Open 620km NW8 03/09/2022
WIL Wilcannia Open 582km NE8 10/09/2022
WSP Wilcannia Sires Classic 582km SALDC 10/09/2022
MAR Marla Keith Wickham Challenge 970km NW9 17/09/2022
CED Ceduna 551km West line 5 21/09/2022
CBS Emmdale Cock Bird Special 640km SALDC NE 24/09/2022
EMD Emmdale D & S Thalbourne Spec 640km NE9 24/09/2022
CP1 Coober Pedy 1 Doug Green 750km NW10 01/10/2022
CBO Cobar Open G Harris Challenge 775km NE10 10/10/2022
CP2 Coober Pedy 2 Allen Goodger 750km NW11 15/10/2022
BOV Border Village 960km NW12 22/10/2022
  BYR Byrock B Walford Tribute 871km NE11 22/10/2022

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